January 14th, 2005

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Stupid Human Trick

I'm not double-jointed and I can't wiggle my ears, but for many years I've noticed an uncanny ability to wake up at an exact time, without an alarm. For example, I can tell myself once, before bed, "Wake up at 4:03 a.m.," and then go to sleep and, yes, wake up, look at the clock, and have it be 4:03 a.m.

I have no idea how this works. Sometimes I "set" the time knowing what time it is exactly, while other times I'm not sure. However, *some* part of my brain must know the time, because it calculates it while I'm sleeping and then sets off its own alarm. (I've speculated that perhaps I check the clock in my sleep or something, but until I set up an experiment with a camera, I have no evidence.)

Today I did it again. For no particular reason, last night I decided that rather than waking up at 8:30 as usual (I wake up naturally on the dot!) I would wake up at 8:25. At the time I made this decision, I did not check the clock for the present exact time, although it was around 1:05. Well, I did this not knowing that my alarm clock was actually set it. It went off at 7:45, which pissed me off. However, I wouldn't let this ruin my experiment. I laid in bed, head buried under the covers, trying to sleep, listening to the still-protesting union workers on the next block, until suddenly I "knew" it was time to get up. It was 8:25.

Freaky! But kinda useful!
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What do we want? When do we want it?

I have to say, these union protestors are something else. For five days, they've done really loud chanting, shouting protests from about 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. From what I can see out the window, there are about 20 of them. They obviously have a really good leader, because somebody with a very loud voice is leading them on and on and on, and it's not just random yelling or anything.

I will say that oh God, the people who live in the Muse's apartment block must be SUPER annoyed, esp. the people whose bedrooms are directly across the street (about 30 ft?). I've sure they've called the police numerous times and at least one person will have decided to move out, pissed off at the noise.

And also good thing my client Mike Murrell doesn't serve breakfast at his restaurant anymore, since they are directly in front of his door. They are (I would guess from past experience) protesting against either the owners of the building or a major tenant of the building, for not paying them or paying them proper benefits.

Honestly it annoys me too but oh, well, not like the police are going to drag them off a public sidewalk, even if they are creating a nuisance by taking it over.
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Sticking head in the sand

From today's Atlanta paper:

A mother representing a group of concerned parents asked Gwinnett school board members Thursday to change the name of the Gay Lesbian and Straight Society at Berkmar High School, saying the club's title could incite violence.

The fellowship club, which recently organized at Berkmar High, fosters communication between heterosexual teens and those with alternative lifestyles who are sometimes harassed at school.

"I submit to you the name itself is very sexually explicit, provocative and inflammatory," said Berkmar parent Faye Caldwell of Lawrenceville. "People have very strong opinions about homosexuality... There could be a confrontation. We must protect the well-being of the students."

I wonder what they think a better name would be? Maybe... That Which Cannot Be Named?
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Another Friday, another half-day gone

I seem to have blown even more of my Friday than I usually do. Usually I go get my allergy shot and am out of the house from 10:30 to 12 by the time all is said and done. Today I decided to run a couple of errands afterward, so it was even worse.

Leaving the clinic, I caught the bus up to Petsmart, where as usual I got the thing I went in for (CareFresh bedding for the pigs), plus various accessories and treats that caught my eye. And I visited all the birds and rodents. The guinea pigs there were really cut, but I would never buy one there b/c of the store's bad method of procurement. The cockatiel they had was people-friendly as usual.

Aftereward I went to Container Store, which is just a block or so away. I swear, if I hadn't had that huge bag of bedding and another bag of stuff with me, the damage would have been a lot worse, b/c I love that store. Got a medium-sized Rubbermaid-type box to put all my tights in. (Note: When you need a separate storage area for you tights, you probably have a problem like mine.) Also got replacements for some shower accessories and called Caleb to tell him about the amazing folding shopping carts they had and to describe the tie rack options.

Buckhead station was walking distance at that point, so I lugged the box (filed with all the smaller stuff) and the bedding over there and got the train back. As usual, everybody was either so bored or so curious they had to read the bedding bag and ask me what kind of animal I have.

So now it's almost 2 and I have a sh*tload of stuff to do work-wise. Man, where is the hired help?
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