January 15th, 2005

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Welcome back!

Well, those who know how often I post know that I wanted to post about 10 times in the past 24 hours but, er, couldn't. It wasn't so bad really. I've noticed that although I'm terribly fixated on the Internet when I'm at home, when I'm away from it (or on a long trip and totally offline) I don't miss it. So I can find other things to do w/o twitching.


Today I gave in to the great magnetism of Nordstrom -- and my need for some comfortable pumps that don't cut up my feet -- and went shoe shopping. I was delighted to discover that those hideous stiletto heels are less prevalent at the moment and shoes with no heels, short heels, or chunk heels are much more readily available. I went in and kept a shoe salesman busy for around 45 minutes as I tried on a dozen pairs of shoes -- all either Munro or Franco Sarto. After lots of comparison between all the shoes, I wound up with 2 Franco Sartos, both dressy with something like 1.5-2 in. heels but non-hobbling, plus an extremely comfy, though pricey, pair of Munro stylized dress loafers. I laid down a couple hundred bucks, but HELLO! when you have Size 11 and taste, if you find shoes in your size, you buy them, no question. I would say that in general only 1 in 5 shoe stories carries my size, but Nordstrom, bless them, does and they are really nice shoes. I figure I won't be looking for new dress shoes for 2 years.

Immediately after purchasing the shoes, I left the store and the mall, for fear I would find something else to buy. ;)


Tonight I went out with Caleb on a trip to Midtown. Decided to wear a pair of new tights -- the CRAZY ones that are white with C's, H's and O's in some kind of configuration (in black) like molecules or something. I also roughed up my hair, put my Jesus cruxifix barrettes in, and put silver lipstick on my eyelids. It was like I was some German glam hooker. Received numerous comments and looks, including a whole trainful of folks going home after the Falcons game, who saw me across the tracks at Midtown station and were pointing and stuff.

Besides going around showing myself off, I went with Caleb to Universal Gear (the fag Euro clothes shop at Metropolis), followed him to his office so he could do some chores, hung out for a bit at Outwrite, and then stopped in at Mac's so I could get a fresh bottle of Frangelico. We were impressed by some of the obscure beers there. I asked them if they sold mead and they said no, but they had this beer called Honey Brown. I also saw some chocolate stout and several tempting Belgian beers.


One new development since the LJ fart is my brother-in-law Andy IM'ing with me using my sister Nancy's computer and account. He's been home alone and using it, he finds her logged on automatically and starts talking to me. Our chats are really mundane, like talking about food, guinea pigs, etc. Well, until tonight, when we both got all catty talking about my brother-in-law Peter who's stuck up noveau riche. That was cleansing.


Have more to say, naturally, but I'll save it for now. Going to reheat last night tuna casserole, as I've gotten really hungry again. Eating spicy yams for dinner just wasn't enough.
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