January 19th, 2005

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NYC here I come

I've set up my trip to NYC! So excited. I swear, been meaning to put together a trip for about 8 years (since the moment I left from my summer o' fun!) but it just hasn't happened. Passed through briefly last year for Lunacon and vowed that this year I would set up some extra time before or after the con so I could enjoy the city, do some eating, shopping, visiting. Three nights and 2 full days by myself should be fun!

Will be at Lunacon March 18-20 for the convention, at a hotel in the Meadowlands, then I'll train it up to Manhattan, where I'm booked to stay at the Arlington, an old hotel near the Flatiron. I picked it b/c it was under $100/night, has a great location right between Midtown & Village, it's near Macy's etc., and it got excellent reviews on TripAdvisor, which I generally trust. I'll be staying there Sun., Mon., Tues. night, then leaving Wednesday from Newark.

As far as what I plan on doing, I've got several definitely goals. For one murnkay said something about showing me a good restaurant :) For some others, let's see:

- Visit(s) to Veniero's for pastry treets. Especially cream puffs.
- Visit to various former haunts, to see if still there ;)
- NY Public Library, to gape
- Metropolitan Museum of Art (probably just to visit 1-2 fav galleries)
- Central Park (unless it's freeeezing)
- Lottttts of walking
- Those awesome buffet delis
- H&M, Macy's, etc.
- Probably Staten Island Ferry trip, even though it's March & cold

I'm thinking of also going... out of Manhattan! LOL. I think I will try to go to Woodlawn in the Bronx and actually visit my Oma & Opa's grave, which I'm sure I've only visited twice, last time in like 1985. I really hope I come during some relatively good weather b/c otherwise walking through a cemetery sounds really cold. Ditto for visiting City Island, my dad's hometown, which I'd also like to do again. I figure I can just go up there and have a big seafood meal, maybe visit the maritime museum, if it's open. And the family cemetery; City Island has the only waterfront cemetery, and most of the people in it are my relatives. If I had more time I'd go to Brooklyn since I don't think I've ever been there, which seems bizarre.
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Smelling the roses

I think working for myself is chilling me out. Either that or I'm turning into my grandmother way ahead of schedule.

I've got a lot less tendency to get pissed off at waiting for stuff and I take time to do things that previously I would have just skipped.

For example, today I had a doctor's appointment at 9. I went in and had my check-up, which was done by around 9:40 I guess. Afterward I could've rushed off to the train station and gone home. Instead, I went downstairs to the Starbucks in the lobby, got a big mocha, and walked off to watch the birds in the giant aviary. I must've watched them for 20 minutes. Then I sat down on a comfy bench and read a book for another 10 minutes while I finished my coffee. Finally I went to the train station, but instead of going home, I went to CVS and picked up a prescription. I didn't get home 'til around 10:55, all told. I'm sure I could've been home an hour earlier but why should I be? Rushing stuff is the way to an early death.

I can be speedy, of course, and I frequently am, but what's the harm in waiting for the light to change before crossing, or not being annoyed when you have to wait for a bus? Crossing out of turn could get you killed, and stressing over a bus whose schedule you can't control takes time of your life. Read a book or look at the sky instead! When I go to Petsmart, unless the bus is about to come, I always stand around watching the birds for about 10 minutes. I love poking around in antique stores or boutiques or bookstores for a long time, even if I don't buy anything. Why not do it?

No doubt this attitude is easy for me to live by, since I do work for myself and I don't have some company policy about the length of my breaks, don't have a kid I need to pick up from day care, etc. For me it seems a healthy way to be. Being in such a damn rush makes living dismal.
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Don't stop, get shot

This is photo journalism at its best; documenation of US troops shooting & killing two civilians when their car didn't stop at a checkpoint. They are still determining why the car didn't stop after hand signals and a warning shot, but meanwhile the couple's five kids, who were in the car at the time, are all orphans.

Photo gallery w/graphic shots

What a horrible mistake :>{
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Liar liar liar liar liar

Like this is a big surprise but still, look at this news article just put out by Knight-Ridder:

New intelligence reports raise questions about U.S. mission in Iraq


New intelligence reports raise questions about U.S. mission in Iraq
By Warren P. Strobel, Jonathan S. Landay and John Walcott
Knight Ridder Newspapers

WASHINGTON - A series of new U.S. intelligence assessments on Iraq paints a grim picture of the road ahead and concludes that there's little likelihood that President Bush's goals can be attained in the near future.

Instead of stabilizing the country, national elections Jan. 30 are likely to be followed by more violence and could provoke a civil war between majority Shiite Muslims and minority Sunni Muslims, the CIA and other intelligence agencies predict, according to senior officials who've seen the classified reports.


A new public report by the National Intelligence Council concludes that instead of diminishing terrorism, U.S.-occupied Iraq has replaced prewar Afghanistan as a breeding and training ground for terrorists who may disperse to conduct attacks elsewhere.

Bush and co. will of course say things are fine.
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Fav Films By Decade

I'm waiting for some very large files to upload, so meanwhile, I thought I'd share my favorite movie list, sorted by decade. I've tried to put only movies I just looooove, not just ones I think are really great but don't move me, excite me, awe me, etc.

Collapse )

I've been refining this list for some years but even so I'm sure I'm missing several. In fact I just added 5 more.
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Either I'm got "stress chest" (which wouldn't surprise me, as I've been a bit stressed out lately) or I'm coming down with a chest cold. No coughing, but my chest is killing me and has been for around 3 days. I feel pretty crappy too, but that's probably b/c I haven't been sleeping right -- lousy quality and not quite enough. Last night I was up 'til 1:30 but had to get up at 7:30 so I could make it to my doctor's appt. on time.
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