January 21st, 2005

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So far so good (and yummy)!

Today seems to be a better day, thus far!

Last night I went to bed at the (for me) extremely early hour of 11:30, so even though Caleb woke me up by calling me at 8:20, I slept over 8 hours -- remarkable! (Case anybody is wondering, Caleb called me to tell me there was a good street performance group playing music at Peachtree Center, plus hold the phone out so I could hear.)

Feeling slightly less groggy than usual, I rushed through the shower and dressing bit so I could go downstairs and get a crepe at the French cafe downstairs. (If you go after 9:30 it's too late since the chef is starting to prep lunch fare.) Got some cash from the ATM, grapped my paper and sat down for a delicious breakfast. That chef is a total artist: two perfect crepes stuffed with humongous blackberries, then smothered in insanely delicious berries and chopped pears in a wine sauce. I forced myself to read the newspaper every two pieces, so I wouldn't eat too fast. The coffee, some imported kind I can't recall the name of, was also excellent and I was very much perked up afterward.

Afterward (just now) I came home and managed to face up to the task of entering all my receipts for the past 1 1/2 weeks; for some reason I'd been avoiding it but now MS Money is happy with me again. Now I think I'm off to the allergist's for my shot! It's a pretty day out, so that should go well. I may go to Petsmart to get piggy food again.

Along the way I'll keep on reading Wanderings: Chaim's Potok's History of the Jews, which I started a couple of days ago. As expected, Potok manages to make history really exciting and even does a great job respecting the "pagan" civilizations he describes at great length, including the Sumerians, whose civilization reminds me an awful, awful lot of some of the civilizations Storm has written about in her fantasy works. Right now I'm reading the section on Egypt and there are insights in it about their civilization and religion that I've never heard, not in watching hundreds of documentaries. Probably the one thing I'm not looking forward to is reading the last chapter (which I skipped ahead to), which has some outdated Zionist type sentiments (book was written in 1980) which I'd expect from Potok but which seem pretty damn insensitive and overly optimistic nevertheless. Oh, well! I'm looking forward to reading a 500 page history book.

After the trip to Buckhead I will be going to a couple of produce markets to get fruit & vegies for me and the piggies. Tonight I'll be going grocery shopping too and, oh my, I'll have FOOD, which is an appealing concept. I've survived on mainly bread, pasta, zucchini bread, licorice, and cheese for like a week now b/c I ran out of all my produce and have been too busy to go shopping. I'm going to cook Chinese this weekend to celebrate the food maybe.
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Dizzy Day

The day continues to be a good one, but damn if I'm not having a rather distressing dizzy spell!

Went up to Buckhead for my shot and after the 20-min. wait required afterward, popped on the bus to do some further shopping. Made super-efficient work of a shopping center, visiting World Market (chocolate and other Euro. goodies), Kroger (parsley for my pigs), and Tower Records (ice cream + 4 CDs).

When I got out of Tower, however, I suddenly noticed I was feeling quite unsteady, rather wobbly really. I was having trouble walking in a straight line on the sidewalk and had the disconcerting feeling that the ground was heaving up and down. It was like I had stepped onto one of those "moonwalk" park amusements. Felt very lightheaded and in fact was worried I'd pass out while crossing the street, but I made it across and pushed myself to walk straight to Petsmart. Got the things I needed but still felt really odd. I remarked on this to the cashiers, who asked me if I was OK, and they said I needed to eat. Funny thing is, I wasn't hungry and while ice cream isn't really "food," I was surprised I was dizzy.

Anyway, managed to carry all my accummulated goods back across the street and catch the bus, then got the train at Arts Center and went home. As soon as I dropped my stuff off at my apartment, I went down and had a good lunch at the French place. I thought maybe it would make me feel better, but walking over to get some produce at the market, I still didn't feel right, and I still don't. It's like my sense of balance is f'd up and my head is all "floaty."

I think I must have a sinus/ear infection. On the way to the allergist I noticed my head was all "airy," meaning that every time I breath in I hear the air in my ears and my ears click. My ears are also kind of achey. This might also explain why I've been so "out of it" the past few days, with my head feeling packed in cotton. I think an afternoon at home working will be just fine and I'll stay away from heavy equipment operation.
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Jess Say No

My friend jesswired got his picture taken while protesting in front of the Georgia State Capitol on Thursday and now his pic has been picked up by the national news!

Jess on Yahoo! News

The fact Jess is tall and had a biiiiig sign helped him get photographed, I'm sure. Way to go, Jess!
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Treading water

Well, I'm feeling moderately better, but at the same time, I fear I'm coming down with "something."

Admittedly I did not stick to my pledge of "resting," although I did watch TV for an hour or so, only interrupting myself to change the piggy litter. Then Caleb called and wanted to know if I wanted to go to Whole Foods on Ponce, which I'd earlier said I would. He said he'd meet me so I sped over there (er, at least so far as one can "speed" using public transportation) and arrived in about 1/2 hour.

By the time I got there I felt icky. My chest kind of hurt, although not in the coughy sort of way, but in a burning sort of way. I was also sweating for what I thought no reason. Anyway, went shopping while moaning about it, then we went home again together.

Afterward I cooked up some boiled shrimp with spices, which Caleb came over to enjoy. We watched Steamboat Bill Jr., a Buster Keaton movie from around 1924 or so, then switched to MTV's HipHop SuperMix or whatever it is. There are some incredible vids out there in terms of butt-shaking, have to say!

Right now I have a bunch of symptoms that are not too bad but I worry they'll get worse. My shins are all sore, my chest is achy, got a headache, throat feels odd. Nothing that feels "sick" to me but at the same time, it doesn't feel right either. I'm not just tired, I've got something buggy.
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To add on to the last post, man, do my legs hurt. It's this pain I can't quite describe since I've never read about anyone having it. As a teenager, I would get it a lot, usually associated with my period, but something beforehand. It's like my shins have some kind of hot electric wire running up them or maybe they're on fire or being bent or something. I remember it used to get so bad I'd just lie in bed whimpering, legs propped up on a pillow. Couldn't do a thing about it; aspirin didn't help. Sometimes it would be so bad I felt like I couldn't walk or that I had "gout." When I went to college the pain seemed to disppear and I almost forgot about it, but then afterwards I got it again. I don't get it every month, just sometimes. It can be really bad. Now I think maybe I could make it stop with Reiki. Or a bath. Or Reiki in a bath. Maybe I will try that before bed.