January 22nd, 2005


Life in a Red State

So Georgia somehow is now dominated by Republicans, with a R. governor, majority-R state legislature, and two R. senators. Atlanta itself is firmly dominated by Democrats, but that doesn't really matter too much. Anyway, among the many things the Republicans are planning to do this year, since they have the power, are a whole ton of anti-abortion legislation:

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It's my opinion that while bits of this type of legislation may sound good on the surface, the intent is definitely not innocuous. Nowhere in the legislation is it going to say that women are guilted, lectured at, force-fed Christian literature, etc. Also, the 24-hour wait bill doesn't say anything about helping women stay in town while they wait. Many women in Georgia have to drive like 100 miles to find an abortion clinic, so if I they get up there and are told "Wait 'til tomorrow," they have to either go home or stay where they are. Which could be really difficult in some cases. Like imagine if there is somebody at home who would notice her absence.

Anyway... for an article describing Georgia Republicans gloating over all this, go here (reg. required, I believe, as the Atlanta paper has a sign-in).

Other fun plans state Republicans have include make it harder to get a divorce (6 mo. wait period) and if there is adultery involved in the divorce, the adulterer forfeits all rights to claims on property.

Sorry if any of you disagree with my distress over this, but this stuff really pisses me off. Especially since in most cases it's the rural poor -- the people these rural Republicans supposedly represent -- who suffer most from this legislation. In other words, poor women in bad marriages who might want an abortion because their husband is molesting their kids -- well, they just have to deal.
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Running Around Saturday

Well, so far today has been pretty good -- plus I don't feel sick, which makes it that much better.


1. Wendy and Caleb Visit East Atlanta
We've been going to this hip little "node" ever since we moved here and Caleb even did a big planning study for the area, but it seems like we've gone there less and less lately. Today we both had the idea to visit, Caleb so he could look for a new shoulderbag, me "just because." Well, I have to say the place was looking pretty depressing today, and it wasn't just the dreary barely-drizzling weather. The whole area started out as a run-down old commercial node that had gone compeltely ghetto, then it underwent a renaissance, with tons of restaurants, used clothing shops, a coffeeshop, "feather your nest" type shops, etc. Now the area seems to be sinking back again. A store I used to really like, Traders of East Atlanta, where I got my living room furniture and lots of candles and candlesticks, seemed really "tired" today and lots of storefronts were closed. We had pizza at Grant Central, which was pretty good, but nonetheless I feel like the area is at a stagnant point again. Maybe the nearby Glenwood Park development (brought to us by Caleb's company and former Mindspring CEO Charles Brewer) will help the area out by bringing more shoppers and diners.

2. Wendy & Caleb @ Glenwood Park
After lunch Caleb decided he'd take me over to Glenwood Park. I've been there before but somehow didn't realize how close it was. We walked there in five minutes and once there, roamed around. Caleb took me in this INCREDIBLE 3-story townhouse. It has 3 stories, including 3 BRs, huge kitchen/dining floor, a giant top-floor patio, an alley-garden, a garage and a rentable studio apt. (over the garage) and the price is only like $280K, which is INSANE (at least, it is considering what 1,000 sq. ft. condos in our neighborhood cost). Caleb and I both would like to live there. Such great quality workmanship, nice layout, and all the buildings around it are great. There was another townhouse we passed that was done Bauhaus style and that would be my place :)

3. On the Bus
Now after a walk through that classy development, Caleb had us walk over to Memorial Drive to catch the 21 bus, since the 9 wasn't coming for 40 minutes. We had to walk over I-20 and wait in this rather nasty area that was construction sites, car repair shops, rusty chain link fences. Plus the bus didn't come for a long time, to the point we called MARTA asking when it was coming. By the time MARTA took us off hold, the bus arrived. And then we had the whole craaaaazy MARTA bus experience. Maybe it's the fact I've been listening to Public Enemy and kept thinking how great it would be to do sound samples, but the conversation on the bus cracked me up. The bus driver was loud and leading a complete conversation with the whole bus, including a Philadelphia Eagles - Atlanta Falcons debate, as the bus driver was from Philly. Also, driving into Downtown past one of those charity food lines, the bus driver was like, "I'm thirsty!" and stopped the bus. He disappeared and came back with a bottle of water. The people on the bus were like "The folks in Philly would never give you that kind of service!" To which the bus driver replied, "Yes, they would -- and one of you would get up and hold the bottle and feed it to me while I drive!" LOL

4. Finally, kick-ass sneakers!
Once off the bus, Caleb and I walked over to my building and stopped in to Brite Creations so we could look at shoes. I've been on a hunt for sneakers and they have a ton of nice Steve Madden and even imported German sneakers -- which they always sell me at a discount, since I'm "family/neighborhood/favorite white customer." Caleb didn't see anything he liked but I got TWO pairs of sneakers, a black Steve Madden pair and these bright blue leather ones. Very nice, plus they cut the price on each from $130 to $70; the way Cliff the shoe guy does it is walk to the register and say "Give her 'the price'" so it's sort of like having a friend in the Mafia or something. Very pleased to have basically got a 2-for-1 price on very nice sneakers. I know I'll be wearing them all the time. And finally I can toss the falling-apart red & maroon sneakers I bought in Bonn over a year ago. They were so nasty.
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NOT snowing here...

All my LJ friends are reporting on the weather. Well, here in Atlanta, the weather is boring. Today we had super low cloud cover, a.k.a. fog. It wasn't gray out, but more like bright white. Temps are in the mid-50s and there's only a tiny bit of spitting rain. Supposed to go to the 30s tomorrow but then up to 70 (!) by mid-week.

I swear, I've lived in Georgia over 7 years now and I'm still shaking my head and wondering what the hell is going on. I haven't seen snow here for like 3 years (the year I moved into this unit, it snowed and I got a picture before it melted off the rooftops, which is how I remember). Of course, when I go home to Boston I'm often lucky enough to encounter snow and last month in Germany I ran into a blizzard. Maybe it'll snow in England next month when I visit.
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