January 23rd, 2005

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Yikes on the weather

Whoah! I just checked the snowfall at my parents' house near Boston -- Weather Channel says expected snow accumulation by tomorrow night will be 20-30 inches! I'm glad they got the bigger snowblower. I'm going to tell my mom to make sure my dad doesn't try to help with that. He really shouldn't be doing any heavy work like that but he'll try to be heroic when he really shouldn't, since my mom can do it by herself. Worst case scenario, somebody from church will come do it for them, if it's really that much. God, and Atlanta hasn't had a flake of snow in 3 years!
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Remodeling at 5G

I've lived in this condo for 3 1/2 years now and while I did a lot of work on it when I first moved in, esp. buying furniture, I've never done a lot of remodeling, painting, etc. because it was a new unit and came mainly just the way I wanted (paint color, trim, fixtures). But I think all that is about to change. This place is going to be on the Tours of Loft again this year and I want to take care of some upgrades by then.

Plans include:
  • Painting both bathrooms a dark red.
  • Installing ceiling lamps in office and bedroom
  • Replacing all interior doorknobs with fixtures (either glass & brass or decorated brass, new or antique)
  • Replacing over-mirror lights in main bathroom with something Art Deco
  • Replacing bathroom hardware with 1920s style brass Art Deco or something
  • Framing lots of prints and posters and artwork, to hang in office on wall smack in front of me
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Withdrawal proposal

This just in, from the Boston Globe...

House report proposes troop withdrawal plan
By Bryan Bender, Globe Staff
January 22, 2005

WASHINGTON -- A new congressional report lays out a step-by-step argument for withdrawing ''the vast majority" of American troops from Iraq within 12 to 18 months, adding to a growing chorus of members of both parties for President Bush to abort the occupation.

The report, scheduled to be released Tuesday, was drafted by Representative Martin T. Meehan, a Lowell Democrat and senior member of the oversight panel. The plan calls for reducing the American troop presence in Iraq from 150,000 to as few as 30,000 by the middle of next year.

Full story here.

Marty Meehan is the state rep. for my parents (formerly my) district back home.
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Kicking myself

I am so angry at myself! I went out shopping at the mall w/Daniel and Caleb. We had a good time and I picked up some underwear at Victoria's Secret that I actually liked, plus some Lindt chocolate as a gift for someone, plus 3 packs of clove cigarettes, a purchase for a friend of a friend. We took MARTA home. On the way home, I had all my stuff, but when I got home the cigarettes had disappeared. I don't know if it fell out of the bag or somebody lifted it. I know I didn't take them out while I was on the train.

I'm pissed off because it's way to cold out to go backtrack and see where they might have fallen out. Plus MARTA trains are single-tracking today and even if I'd turned around to go back to the mall right away, it would be closed. And not like somebody didn't pick them UP. Likely the person will go "Ew, gross, glove cigarettes!" and heave them. So $20 down the toilet. I totally promised to get them too, so now I feel like I have to buy them AGAIN but the person isn't going to pay me back twice, don't think. Ugh!

On top of this general irritation I'm frustrated because once again, as demostrated by today's experience at the mall, I'm too large to fit into anything or even bother looking at most women's clothes in stores. And all the mirrors I saw had me looking like I was 40, which would be OK if I was 40 but I'm not :( There's only 2 pairs of pants I own and many things that do fit me still are almost "out" because they bulge too noticeable. It's like there are all these wonderful clothes I can't wear. I need to lose about 30 lbs. Really seriously. I know all my behavior has been running contrary to that lately but I just have to turn the "on" switch on towards living healthily again.

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Damn, it's cold!

It's so cold and windy here (27, feels like 16) that the marquee of the Rialto theater across the street was apparently sheered off! Half the marquee is shattered and dangling; to me it doesn't look like vandalism but like wind got under it and the plastic was so cold it just lifted up and cracked. It's also windy enough that traffic lights are all swinging sideways and rotating on the polls so you can't see what signal you have. And finally, it's so cold that Atlantans appear to be (gasp!) zipping up their coats!

Nosedise , notes

My mood took a giant leap off the big cliff today. I swear, I might've been fine except for losing those cigarettes, which trigered a lot of anger and frustration on my part, plus just seemed like the tip of the iceberg as far as what's going wrong with me lately.

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Meanwhile a few other notes:

Saw the first episode of Discovery Health's "Medical Incredible" show. It really WAS incredible and actually scary. This show basically explores really bizarre freak medical problems, whether genetic or strange accidents or what. I saw the first story and they had this story that scared me so bad. This 30-something woman developed a sinus infection and her doc prescribed her some common antibiotic to treat it. She had ONE pill and overnight, got sick, achy, a fever, then woke up with blisters. Within 24 hours, she shed ALL her skin! They had to take her to a burn unit. She had a 1-in-some-millions reaction to the pill that eliminated the protein that keeps your skin attached. They showed pictures and it was one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen -- as bad or worse than very serious burns. They gave her a 5-10% chance of leaving the hospital alive. They had to put plastic caps on her eyes so her corneas wouldn't just melt off. Amazingly, the woman lived and has no scars or disfigurement. In fact, her skin was "reborn" and she has skin soft as a baby. She has to be careful of the sun of course but she's alive. It really freaked me out b/c it was just ONE PILL that sent this woman to the hospital, near death, for months.

My entire home is picked up. Amazing.

In the midst of my angstifying over weight issues, I realized that my recent massive purchases of tights and shoes stem partially from the fact that they're the only pieces of clothing I'm *willing* to buy. I mean, my FEET aren't fat and I can fit in tights as well. For clothing, I can't fit into anything I want to and refuse to buy new clothes that actually do fit (well, assuming I could find some). I have a drive for clothing but thwarted, I buy tights, socks and shoes. In the past month I've bought 16 pairs of tights, 5 pairs of socks, and 5 pairs of shoes. *Sigh* Oh, and underwear too, which also fits.

I'm up to around p. 110 of that history of the Jews book. Just got through the whole Moses and the "Decalogue" stuff, the pact with God, etc. The Israelites are kicking ass as they gain cities and territory. Potok is great with the material because he's got the prose skills but at the same time really respects the material. I also love the way he's able to present archaeological facts right alongside things from the scriptures, speculations by Jewish commentators, etc. You never feel like he's dismissing either science OR religion, but is respecting both. Which is pretty typical of Potok. (He's the author of some of my favorite books, including The Chosen and My Name Is Asher Lev.)

Johnny Carson was great and led a long, productive life. I know I shouldn't have, since it meant staying up late, but I watched him regularly throughout most of my childhood, starting from probably age 10 on. I'm sure by the time I was 12, I was up *every* weeknight watching Carson followed by Letterman, because my sister Betty was great about letting me break the rules as long as I was snuck in her bedroom. I found Carson to be very reassuring and steady, like the sun coming up. He wasn't negative or mean either. He's probably interviewing people in heaven right now.