January 25th, 2005

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Waiting for IT Godot

Classic pointless work situation:

I came in to the office at Ga. Tech this morning, sat down at my computer, and discovered that my monitor is not getting any signal. After trying any number of tricks to maybe get the monitor back (on/off switching, using a different monitor, etc.) I finally gave up since it appears the output on the computer has died. I contacted the IT help desk but they're not here yet. Meanwhile I've working on the nearly dead computer I normally only use to compile WebTrends reports. Everybody has work for me but I can't do it at this computer. Blah.
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Twiddling my thumbs

OK, it's been TWO HOURS since I got here and I still haven't been able to do any work, other than use another computer to check my email and copy some log files. Apparently my video card died over the weekend. One of our IT ugys is trrrrrying to replace it with another one he grabbed from another machine, but it doesn't seem to be working, presumedly because I have a brand new machine. It's like an operation that goes bad and the doctor won't admit it -- yet. WTF? He looks most frustrated and puzzled but hasn't said anything yet.

This is the first time I have ever thought somebody from our IT dept. was less than competent.

P.S. At least I have my toy SmartCar to play with!

ADDENDUM. Oh Joy! I was just told that an old card isn't compatible with my new computer and since there aren't any new computers lying around here to cannibalize and nobody is answering the phone at the IT home base, the guy has to go back and see if there are any cards there, either separate or in machines not being used. If there's not a card there, they'll have to order on. They can give me a replacement computer, he says. That is NOT an option, however, as I use a ton of specialized software not on the standard build, and by the time they did install it, the card would be in. I think I just lost this week?!
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Today kind of sucks

Well, here I am. Still. At work. But not really working. Much.

The IT tech finally concluded that it was *not* the video card that was broken in my system. What *is* wrong, he doesn't know, however, so he had to haul the box off to base to run "diagnostics." They may end up taking out the hard drive and putting it in a new box, assuming that it's not the hard drive that's the problem. Just bizarre though! What the hell happened over the weekend? Gremlins? One of those silicon viruses like in Star Trek?

So with hope of having my machine back gone, I coaxed the DBAs into letting me having the couple of server logs I need to run reports on. I'm using this pathetic old computer with a full hard drive. I set about 20 reports to run and went to lunch. Went to Quizno's and had a leisurely lunch and read more of the Jewish history book (just got up to Solomon building the temple). I'm now back and the reports are only half-way done. You can tell this is a sloooooow process (and a sloooooow computer), huh? I have given up on trying to do any other work while these reports run, because I really can't.

I am billing for all my time here except lunch.
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What Not To Wear

Now for something completely superfluous, here's my own What Not To Wear, based on things I pick for myself to wear -- or NOT wear actually.

Stuff I Won't Wear
  • almost anything flowery (if it's B&W it's sometimes OK)
  • anything with words (esp. in French) printed on it as a "pattern"
  • anything with a lot of white, bright orange or yellow (terrible w/my complexion)
  • anything pastel (though I have 2 nice light blue dresses)
  • sweatshirts
  • sweatpants
  • blue jeans
  • anything denim (skirts, shirts, jackets, etc.)
  • tube tops
  • hip-huggers or low-waisted pants
  • bell bottoms
  • anything explicitly athletic or sporty (I go biking in Army shorts)
  • leather jackets, pants, etc.
  • fur coats (fake is OK, though I don't actually have one)
  • loafers
  • high-heeled sandals
  • clogs
  • stiletto heels
  • rings

I hope one day to share more of my fashion thoughts, like what I LOVE wearing, but that would take a while.

In general, my rule is that I don't like most casual or sporty wear, like T-shirts, shorts, blue jeans, etc. I hate looking like a slob or covering my body up so nobody can see it. Shapeless clothes or ones that make my feet hurt or boobs look uneven are not for me. When I'm around the house and want to be comfortable, I get in a 30s style satin nightgowna and robe, not T-shirt and sweats.
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Outworlders writer's group had picked a theme for next year's collaborative project, distributed at Dragon*Con.

Comet (Wikipedia ref.)

As in, the astromological phenomenon, not the scrubbing product.

So far I'm kind of still going "Hmmm," because nothing comes immediately to mind. I sincerely doubt I will do any kind of SF story out of this because writing about space, space ships, etc., just isn't my thing. Aliens I like but space, no. I think I'll do either something fantasy or something completely non-genre. Poetry is also allowed so I may go that route.


On a totally unrelated note, but just becuase it's on my mind... been listening to all my Sinead O'Connor albums after some pause in that and God, do I love them. The only one I still haven't gotten into is the Irish folk one. The others... awesome. I've got Faith and Courage playing right now and it's amazing. A total shame nobody pays any attention to her anymore.

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I also love "Daddy, I'm Fine." She kicks such ass.
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