January 26th, 2005

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I was thinking yesterday that I'm at a bit of an odd stage right now. I feel like something is about to happen or at least something *should* happen.

There's an element missing in my life right now, and that is passion and/or obsession. I've always been a person who has to be really dug into a couple of things with an all-consuming fashion, whether it's a particular set of books, community activism, researching a particular subject, etc. I tend to get very involved in something for a few years and then the thrill dies off a bit and while I still enjoy the thing, it's not as exciting as it once was, more like a simple fact of life.

Obviously in the past 3-4 years I've been very into Wraeththu and writing as passions, plus certain other SF and Fantasy books, and last year I was very gung-ho about my business. All those things are still obviously part of my life, but I don't feel like I'm doing anything really active and passionate in that regard. I wouldn't say I'm burned out or anything, but I don't obsess nearly like I used to. I will be writing a Wraeththu-themed novella this spring but I somehow don't see that as my main focus.

But what is it that's waiting for me? I know I have my novel that I keep putting off doing work on and maybe that's it. I know that every time I get involved in doing it, I get totally sucked in, which is why I put it off. It's a bit too all-consuming. But maybe I should do that, since I'm not being consumed by anything else. I have revisions to make to the biology section and lexicon, but then I should be able to dive in again. I was going to do that next month during my visit to Storm's. In a way, with regards to the novel, it's a bit like the whole blue pill, red pill thing. I want to get into doing it, but it's scary how into it I get, plus how much WORK it is!

Hmm. Yet maybe whatever is waiting out there for me is something I still haven't found.
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What kind of computer should I get?

In the past 10 years, I've had 3 different PCs. I'm not the type of person who switches computers every two years, but more like every 3 1/2. Anyway, it's time to get a new one and I'm a bit muddled about what sort -- specifically, what brand -- to get.

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Anybody with advice, first-hand experience, etc., is welcome to comment. I'd like to get a new system within the next couple of months, as this computer I have is getting older and less happy every day (though it still runs like a dream). I'm going to actually save this current system so I can use it as a backup.
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Reach out and touch

I just had to make a phone call. The person I was calling is a very nice man, an Italian food merchant I've know (and bought food from) for many years. Yet making that call was so traumatic! I could easily eat a worm before calling, just a form of procrastination. Ugh! When I did finally call (after picking up the phone 5-6 times), he wasn't at his office and I was relieved... until I was told he has a mobile phone. So I had to call him again. I called and to my surprise, his wife answered instead. I know here too, but, stil, gah! We talked, and then I got the man on the phone. He was really nice and we've arranged to meet up Friday afternoon to get started on a new web site. And yet I *still* hate making phone calls. Oh, the total phobia!
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Pimpin' My Shoes

OK, I'm psyched. Somebody has actually bid on my shoes on eBay. They've met the minimum starting bid of $15. And there are 4+ days left to the auction. I'll be so psyched if I sell these suckers, because they're really nice, cost me $60-70 at the time I bought them, and I really felt like I didn't want to just give them away. If you're a 9 1/2 Men's or know somebody who is and would benefit from fine black wing tip dress shoes, check it out!
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R.I.P. Philip Johnson

Philip Johnson has died. He was 98 and probably my favorite living architect. (I realize most people don't have favorite architects, but I do.) He designed 191 Peachtree and Atlantic Center here in Atlanta, both of which are drop dead gorgeous, showing both Art Deco and Classical influences. The classiest of Post-Modernism.

CNN story here
(Better) NYT bio here

For a look at some of his classic, 20th century designs and his rather extraordinary bio, see:



There's also a great page at http://www.greatbuildings.com/architects/Philip_Johnson.html I've visited before but it's getting a zillion hits at the moment and not working.
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Sesame Street Fever

Well, thespian said it was hard to find, and I'm sure that's true, but tonight I was at Book Nook and going to the children's records section, I found Sesame Street Fever! This is the 1978 Sesame Street disco album I used to borrow from the library over and over as a kid. Wheee! It was only $3, which is awesome since it's listed at $8-10 on eBay, plus no shipping and it's in pristine condition.

Other finds tonight included Sesame Street 2 Book-and-Record Album -- starring the original cast! It comes with a sing-along book and a whole activities and fun book, build into the album cover. Has some of my favorites on it. Two other records I got are the Cindarella soundtrack (another childhood favorite) and The Hokey Pokey and Other Favorites. Now I just have to find a bunch of pre-schoolers and I'll be set!
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That's it, I need to find some foul-mouthed porn!

Oh, just f*ck it, I swear... It's like the 30s all the f*ck over again. You watch, the FCC will bring out it's own Production Code* for TV and radio.

CNN News: Networks' naked truth: Fear of the FCC

Frank Rich at the NY Times has been doing some great articles on developments in this "post-Janet-Jackson era" and I've seem some stuff other places. There are very few instances where I have sympathy with the FCC.

* If you don't know what the Production Code was, you should. To give you the brief run-down, it was a code put out by Motion Picture Association of America in the early 30s that movie-makers used as guidelines for what moral values and/or images & language, were accepted in movies. Prior to the Production Code, Holly was putting out some pretty steamy stuff. One person who got screwed by the code was Mae West, since once they began enforcing the code in 1934, a lot of her act was considered in violation. The code was followed through the early 50s and finally abandoned altogether in the late 60s. More info here on Wikipedia.
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Piggies are so cute

And moving away from serious subjects...

Went cruising for cute guinea pigs on Petfinder just now, as I sometimes do. Awwww, they are all so cuuuuuute!

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The other day I was talking to Caleb about pets and how one day, after the small animals are gone, I'd like to have a cat. At the notion of no more guinea pigs, Caleb got upset. I really do like mine. I would probably have more if I had the room! Whenever one of them dies I will definitely get another one, I think. What about the cat? I dunno. Caleb says if I got a little kitty it would grow up around them and not try to eat them, but I rather doubt it. Even though I think either pig would teach a cat a lesson with a big bite to the nose, I'd rather not have Wild Kingdom action in my home.
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