January 27th, 2005

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Too Real!

Had a dream last night that I was at some science / children's museum that, as a new "feature" for the museum, installed these "state of the art" vending machines that sold whole boxes of cereal and milk. It was in the lobby and there were big signs explaining how cool this was. Somebody said to me, "How do you get in the museum?" And I said, "I think this is the museum!" Anybody who ever visited Atlanta's SciTrek museum, which recently closed, will know that this must have been the inspiration. The only thing missing was a Coke machine.
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Grandmotherly influences

As some of those close to me know, I've always been heavily influenced by my grandmother, with whom I spent a lot of time as a young child. I've reflected on this often, because when I look at my life it's pretty obviously, but today, walking to work, I started to compile a list of influences and similarities in my head and it was even longer than I expected!

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Well, my goodness, has it been snowing in Massachusetts! They just hit a new record for snow in January!

Last night I called my parents to check on them and although they were fine, they told me it was snowing and about 8 inches were supposed to pile up. I asked them about the blizzard Sunday and they told me it had been 2 feet. I was a bit dismayed when my dad told me he'd used the snowblower to clear the driveway (he really shouldn't be doing any labor like that), even though both he and Mom assured me the snow was "light." I mean, how "light" can 2 feet of snow be?

The last winter I lived in Massachusetts (1995-1996), before moving down to Georgia, it snowed over 130 inches. 130 INCHES! That's over 10 feet. To get around campus without getting frostbitten or falling on my ass, I had to tuck my pants into combat boots, wear plastic bags over my socks (makes it easier to get feet out of boots), wear a sweater every day, Navy peacoat, big furry hat, gloves, scarf. There was always a little bottle of Carmax in my pocket and my dorm room floor was forever covered with gritty sand, something always was drying out on the radiator.

And yet I miss the snow...


Which reminds me: That year I wrote an op/ed piece for the college paper about walking from Amherst College back to my dorm at UMass through a blizzard. It's a bit of a mood piece. I really do love snow.

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I'm doing interface updates on an application we have here at GTRI called Genesis... and all I keep thinking about is Star Trek III!

Alien: Place *you* name, money *I* name, otherwise bargain, no.
McCoy: Alright, damn it! It's Genesis! The name of the place we're going is GENESIS!
Alien: Genesis?
McCoy: Yes, Genesis! How can you be deaf with ears like that?
Alien: Genesis allowed is not! Is planet forbidden!


Kruge: I've come a long way for the power of Genesis, and what do I find? A weakling human, a Vulcan boy, and a woman!

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Still here

Working late at Ga Tech tonight. Considering how 1) I took off for like 3 weeks vacation, 2) haven't had a lot of income from Metro Girl this month, and 3) will be gone most of next month, I thought "Why not actually log some hours?" There's a lot of work piled up for me and my supervisor said I was free to work extra if I wanted. By the time I add in Tuesday's hours, this time period will probably earn me my biggest check yet. Now if they would just find somebody to fill this job FT...
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Shoes selling

I know it's lame and other people don't do it b/c it's lame, but I must post here and say I'm very excited that there's a bidding war on eBay over my shoes. Why I hadn't thought to sell those ill-fitting (but pristine) shoes earlier I don't know. They've been taking up space in my closet for 2 years at least! So far they're up to $26. Not bad! If I ran a lot of auctions like some people, I surely wouldn't be this excited but I've only done this like 10 times or something, so it's still fun. And the shoes definitely are doing better than books.

Maybe I should hunt in my closet some more. Not like I don't have way more clothes than I possibly can wear...
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I'm pessimistic this will last but...

I am so bouncy happy right now! As usual, this scares me a bit since this type of mood tends to mean a really bad day ahead, but maybe this time it won't, so... *bounce bounce bounce*

Work was very productive for a change. I updated the interfaces of two applications and for some reason it didn't bore or annoy me to be doing such work, as opposed to say designing a site, doing graphics, etc. I was happy to oblige the developers. Weird! In addition to this work I ran WebTrends reports, backed up the web site, and made quick work of various and sundry tasks.

I think lunch really helped the day sparkle. I went to my all-time favorite restaurant, Baraonda*, which I've raved about here many times I'm sure. Excepting last night's meal at Panahar (a new find on Buford Highway), I haven't felt too thrilled with my meals this week and I can't go long w/o Baraonda, so after a few hours doing app. work, I went over there at 2 and sat down to a sumptuous (but not tooooo bad for me) meal. This included: freshly baked flat bread with olive oil, delicious cappuchino, large glass of pear juice, a roast vegetable and cheese sandwich on fresh-baked ciabatta, and a couple glasses of water. All this for only $11.50. I cannot believe that restaurant. Been going there since it opened and it's always sooooo good. And cheap. I went up to the manager Marsha afterward to say hi and told her her cooks remained "magicians" and that in all my traveling and eating out I hardly ever have found anyplace nearly as consistently wonderful. Walking home, I swear to crap I felt like the food had given me an orgasm, I love it that much.

I was at work until 7, putting in extra hours. On the walk to the bus stop I unfortunately had to walk through crowds of Ga Tech sports fan, going to either (or both?) a baseball game or basketball game in the nearby vicinity. I also walked through Frat Row, as usual. And as usual I froze off all the frat boys by walking down the sidewalk with my nose in a book. That Jewish history book continues to be excellent and surprisingly absorbing, so I wasn't entirely faking my interest in reading.

Right now I think I will call Daniel to remind him to bring his laundry over, because I want to go exercise and I know if I go downstairs he'll try to call me and I'll be out. Going to try to do an hour's worth of exercise and drink lots of water. After that I should have a small dinner, do some Metro Girl work, then do some writing for Inception, I think.


* Their web site cracks me up. Warning: It has sound.
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Music critic

Just wrote another album review. I decided that for this next edition of Inception I'd review a few albums, since I seem to have acquired quite a few lately and a lot of them fit in with the zine's typical tastes.

The other night I sat down on my sofa and played four albums and took notes and now I'm using the notes, and re-listens, to write out the review. I wrote one two nights ago and one just now. There are two more to go. The two I've done came out well.

I think my reviews are a little different from some people's. I tend to get a bit personal and anecdotal about them. For certain ones I talk about what kind of dancing the music inspires or what I picture in my head when I hear it, esp. if it's meditational.

This last one I did, I'm a bit worried I sound pretentious, but I'm reviewing an album of dark tribal ritual music (really good for mediation), so it's hard to avoid metaphors and such. It's an honest description, however, not just me using words and phrases to impress people, so in intent, it's not pretentious.

Oh, well. Two more to go and then I'll feel like I've contributed.
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