January 28th, 2005

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Interested Piqued by Ancient Pagans

Something interesting is coming out of reading that Jewish history book. Even though the book's whole point is to follow the Jewish people from about 4,000 years ago to today, as I work through the book (they just finished exile in Babylon) one of the more fascinating aspects of the book is the descriptions of the various other religions and civilizations of ancient times. Sure, there are amazing anectdotes about covenants with YHWH, ancient Jewish kings, the preservation of history by scribes, etc., but there are equally arresting bits about pagan pantheons, ritual sacrifices, things like the library of Ninevah, and extremely interesting folks like the Sumerians, Babylonians, etc.

I definitely am going to see what I can read as a follow up; something about the Sumerians or Asyrians, I think. I'm really interested in the running of their ancient cities, the various cults for all the various gods, etc. It's not that I'm interested in picking up on the religion or anything, but I'd love to learn about. The mythology the book has touched on is just as enjoyable as Roman or Greek mythology, maybe more so. Speaking of, just started the section where the Jews meet the Greeks. I honestly have no clue what's going to happen except I know the Romans come after ;)

Dragon of Marduk, sacred to Marduk,
principal deity of Babylon
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To any of you without allergies:

Please enjoy your allergy-free condition. It is a blessed thing. Appreciate the fact that your nose, throat, ears, eyes and skin are not causing you any undo discomfort, except in those instance where you may be suffering from some other condition. Enjoy freedom from allergy medication, nasal sprays, weekly shots, boxes of tissues and stuffy noses that wake you up repeated during the night.

If I could have three wishes right now, they'd be: 1) unclog my ears so I can hear, 2) get the "glue" out of my eyes, and 3) fix my damn nose! I was just at the allergy clinic getting my shot and asked Pat, the nurse sticking me, what I could do about my nose and she said saline gel. Wonderful. Yet another thing to stick up my nose.

I swear, Calgon take me away!
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2 good things

Two notes for today:

1) Apparently I've put together a winner of an outfit + 'do & makeup, since today I've been told 8-9 times, including by utter strangers on the bus or in shops, that I look terrific. One woman demanded to know where my tights came from; I've got the black/silver ones on today, as appropriate to the approaching weather (see below). Yayness!

2) I'm very excited to hear we're probably getting an ice storm overnight. In fact, some of it was coming down earlier this afternoon. There are tons of cancellations already. For me, this will be a treasured time because Atlanta's winter weather is so dead boring. Plus unlike most Atlantans, who have to worry about downed power lines or driving on slippery roads, I can enjoy the spectacle without any hazards. The power Downtown isn't going to go out, no matter what, and meanwhile the buses and trains will still run, even if they're slower than usual. I really hope we get a super awesome storm like we did 4 years ago, when Downtown was glazed with ice. I got some really great pictures of it afterward and also wrote an essay, which was published in the Atlanta paper. Bring it on, I say!
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*Warning: Animal health TMI*

So I was just having a snack at the kitchen table and decided to grab Abbie so I could pet her and watch her dopeyness up close. I haven't cuddled the piggies all week really.

Anyway, I have her there on the table and decided to check on the lump she's had developing on her back the past couple of month. It doesn't seem anything major, more like a minor cyst or a zit or something, but I had planned to take her to the vet before I go off to England. Lo and behold, however, the lump now has a little scab on it or something, which it didn't before. I decide to squeeze around the area to test the size of the lump, and OUT it pops! Little white ball or... er... something! It was pretty small, like the size of a small caper, and solid. After I got it out, I notice there was a little bit more ooze left in the hole, so I squeezed that out, then went to get some meds. I got some Q-tips and cotton, cleaned up the hole and treated it with hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and Bactine. Abbie had no reaction to this, unlike my dog Taffy, who used to cringe any time I used hydrogen peroxide on her. I would expect she'll heal up quite nicely now. And I don't have to go to the vet and pay $150 to have the ball removed.
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