January 30th, 2005

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My Dad, Parents House

My mother IM'd me about this earlier, but just now I got another email. Damn!

I told most of you that Dad fell and we went to the emergency room and
they said he was just badly bruised. They just called back and said he
should come right in, the radiologist thought he had a fractured hip.
They want to do a CAT scan and then operate and put a pin in tomorrow if
it is really fractured.
Will let you know tomorrow.

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TV watching habits

Today amidst my moping I was thinking about my TV watching habits. It seems like two of my favorite programming genres are medical shows and animal shows. Animal Planet and Discovery Health get a lot of eyeball time with me! I'm not at all interested in watching series television or reality TV, but medicine, health and animals fascinate me. Today I saw not one but two shows about people who'd been poisoned with arsenic, half a show on John Merrick, a show called "The Face-Eating Tumor" about this little boy with the biggest facial tumors ever, and an animal show about zoos who've done amazing animal habitats. One of my fav Animal Planet shows are all the "Animal Cops" shows showing cops busting people who abuse, neglect, abandoned their animals. I watch both human and vet ER shows as well. The only thing I can't stand about such programming is shots of surgery, as I have a phobia about flesh being cut, but I can survive it by leaving the room, turning off the TV, etc.

Other things I find myself watching (usually when cooking or just depressed) are all the home decoration, self-help and antique shops on BBC America (I don't like the TLC versions nearly as much). Also enjoy stuff on LINK, like "International News First" and odd documentaries that come on about shamans in Africa or intersex people in Australia. A couple of the classic movie channels sometimes run streams of great movies. SciFi channel offers things I like, even if their own miniseries and movies are quite hit and mix (the great "Children of Dune" versus the recent "Earthsea"). I also confess to enjoying PAX and the Halmark channel b/c they air some reruns of fav shows like "M*A*S*H."

And now you know I am a total sap.
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