February 1st, 2005


Late | Work

Was up laaaate last night, after visits from Caleb and Daniel, calls from Nancy, and an online chat with Mom kept me from doing work I *had* to do by today. I then had to do the work at like 12:30. I sent an email to my work at like 2 a.m. explaining about my dad and saying I'd be in a little later today b/c I wanted to sleep. Which I did actually! Just going to have breakfast, mail my eBay sale (the shoes sold!), and then I'll go in.


Woke up initially around 8 but forced myself back to sleep, and into a dream. Had a funny one about my work. In it, my old boss Tom had to me to design an electronic crossword puzzle, but to do a really creative one, use Flash, etc. I do this and I've got this wicked cool crossword that incluces not only words, but avant garde pictures done in collage, sound etc. Well, later I'm in the office and everybody is really busy and stressed out, and meanwhile I'm there testing the game. My new boss Raj sees me and is giving me this look like "Why are you playing games on company time?!" And of course I'm like, "Because Tom told me to! Can't you see, I'm TESTING it?"

That's gotta mean something, LOL.
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Phoning it in

So while I'm in England, I'm going to keep on working, carrying out whatever Metro Girl work I need to do from Storm's. However, I had to tell my work here at Tech that I probably couldn't do any of *their* work since all the files are hosted at work, behind a secure firewall topped with barbed wire, and I wouldn't be able to get in.

Well, I had thought that was the end of it, but my enterprising supervisor & boss have arranged for a laptop to go with me! They are setting it up with not only the VPN software to let me connect to our networks through the firewall, but they're giving me that cool software that let's you control your PC remotely.

If this works out (and I just emailed Storm to see if this would work) then I'll be in England using my computer in Georgia. Our dept. uses this software a lot, esp. our computer techs who use to access computer at other locations. One time a contractor used my computer for 2 hours while I watched, because she had to set up a server and Java programming software on my machine and was stuck in Cobb County.

This is what I get working for the IT department. Even when you're in another country, they figure out how to arrange for you to work!
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Wrinkling the Iron

So I went in to the doctor 2 weeks ago and, among other things, had two kinds of iron tests. I've been taking daily iron supplements for a year after the Red Cross turned me about 4-5 times in a row for low iron. I was wondering, was taking the pills improving things?

Anyway, got a call today from a nutritionist who'd been ask by the clinic to find out my address so she can mail me info on eating more foods with iron. What were the results of my tests, I wonder! I assume low (and nutritionist lady agreed) but actual numbers or whatever? Nobody called me from the office. (Ditto on cholesterol tests.)

I kind of wonder how I can take slugs of iron, eat green vegies (more iron) and fruit (Vit. C helps absoption) and still be low. I barely even have my period, so it's not even that either. Kind of makes me worry that maybe any iron I'm taking in just sort of whooshes through me -- I believe that in certain kinds of anemia, that's possible.
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Just got an email from Mom. Dad is still in the hospital and will be for probably the rest of this week.

Classic Mom humor here:

I got there around 11. The therapists had him up in a chair and had him
sit there an hour. and he had lunch in the chair. Of course you know
Dad, had food all over himself and spilled the hot tea all over his
lap. Lucky its a hospital, the tea is lukewarm by the time you get it.

He he.

She says he'll probably be more awake tomorrow so I'll call him then.
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Links R Us

These are news stories I've bookmarked over the past few days, meaning to share them. Alas I was too bummed out to bother. But here they are now!

CNN: Ashcroft delivers parting shot to foes on sentencing, Patriot Act
Comment: Don't let the door hit you on the way out, John! No, wait, wait, I hope it DOES hit you!

BBC: US military pondered love not war
Comment: Hard to believe they thought of a GAY BOMB! (No, really, read this!)

NYT: U.S.-Led Troops Have Damaged Babylon, British Museum Says
Comment: Ughghghghghg...

BBC: Cuttlefish wimps 'dress as girls'
Comment: This animal acts out a bad Hollywood role of playing girl to get the girls / get in the locker room.

Christian Science Monitor: irst the church, then the steeple, then 'your logo here'
Comment: Cathedrals & churches in Germany turning scaffolding into billboards to earn cash. I see the rationale, necessity, etc., but...

BBC: Crossing sexual boundaries in Nepal
Comment: Neat article on transgender people in Katmandu. I'm intrigued.

And for just FUN, two completely ridiculous Flash movies involving squeaky, singing guinea pigs:

The Guinea Pig Way

Bing! I'm a Guinea Pig

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