February 2nd, 2005


Wednesday is still torpid

I feel crappy today and there's no reason for it since I slept late, had a really good, long, French lunch with my friend Lea, went shopping and haven't done any work all day. But now I notice I don't feel so good... reflux, headache, bit nauseous, dizzy. I will pick some "light" stuff off my agenda and do those things so I at least feel like I haven't been a total bum today. But really my impulse is to curl up on the couch and watch Animal Planet shows about furry animals and sick dogs and stuff.
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Why oh why?

Just called the bank. Have been waiting for my 401k money to transfer into an IRA I had set up... in December. They told me it would take a while. However, by now I've received statements from my 401k saying I have a $0 balance. Which would mean that the bank has my money, right?

Wrong. They don't have it, or at least, they don't know where it is. So now I have to call the big investment company and ask WTF they did with the cash, then tell the bank who exactly is supposed to have it.

Good news is that while it's true it's definitely a bad thing to "lose" a large number of money, my bank investment guy tells me that if they can't find the money, they can get the investment company to issue a new check or something. Either that or I will have to threaten them big time 'til they crack because losing that kind of money is not a mere "boo boo."
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This Seems Kinda Dumm

Saw this on CNN:

Dummer prep school mulls name change

I'm from Massachusetts originally and grew up hearing about "Governor Dummer Academy" but I never thought, "Oh, the STUPID school!"

I second the person quoted in this article who says "If a kid took a pass on Governor Dummer because of its name, is that the kind of student they really want at their school?"

Meanwhile I wonder if the town of Belchertown, Mass., has had another referendum to change the town's name. They tried that a few years ago but I think the vote failed. However, advocates of the change are stubborn. Apparently the name just generates too many belch jokes.

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ADDENDUM: Well, I tried to post to the mock group, only the mods rejected it as not being stupid enough.
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