February 4th, 2005

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The Tolerant Lifestyle

    Tolerance and diversity "are almost always buzzwords for homosexual advocacy," Dobson wrote. "Kids should not be taught that homosexuality is just another 'lifestyle' or that it is morally equivalent to heterosexuality."

    - James Dobson

Quoted in this article on CNN.

My retort to that? References to "the gay lifestyle" are almost always buzzwords for Christian bigotry.
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Waking up to nature

I didn't remember to cover my birds' cage last night... so today when the sun came up at 7:30, they decided they would pretend to be on the plains of Australia, with flying and squawking to match.

Needless to say I woke up. I then got in bed and tried so hard to fall asleep again that I overslept. 'Til 9.

That'll teach me.
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Taking the sex out of sex ed.

Sex ed. classes that don't teach about sex. I just don't understand!

Just read about how DeKalb County schools signed on for this new sex ed. curriculum that does not include discussion of contraception. At all. Just abstinance. Which is quite typical of most sex ed. curricula now out there.

I have a hard time fathoming this.

I had to take sex ed. classes in 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 11th grade. The only class that didn't mention contraception or STDs was the 6th grade one, since that was basically just teaching biology. Meanwhile, the 4 others classes I took were all full semester health courses divided into four basic segments: diet/nutrition, mental health, sex, and drugs. We spent a lot of time talking about depression, suicide, alcoholism, drugs, how to understand nutritional labels -- and sex.

The sex ed. portion of those classes was thorough as hell as far as laying out the dangers and ways to protect yourself. We went over every kind of STD -- with pictures and movies to boot -- and went over teenage pregnancy as well. We were basically shown pictures or real samples of a dozen kinds of contraception and instructed on the proper use of condoms. About the only thing I think way really missing from the curriculum was references to gay sex or detailed info. like specific sex techniques :)

Abstinance was mentioned and encouraged but nobody ever shoved it down our thoats (though some like me took it to heart).
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Dad Update

I didn't mention it yet, but yesterday I called Dad at the hospital. He sounded OK, although he's in a lot of pain. I asked him if it was worse than when he had his quad. bypass and he said definitely. They're having him sit upright in a chair for an hour a day or something and he says it just really hurts. Today or tomorrow he's probably moving to a rehab place in Salem, where he'll spend a couple of weeks 'til the worst of it is over with and then Mom can take care of him at home the rest of the time, with nurse visits. Poor Dad. Oh, well. He did saying Lawrence General was taking great care of him, despite being overcrowded, and he appreciated that everybody was calling him, visiting, etc.
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No Cookies for You!

I saw this in the paper today and now on CNN. How f*ckin' sad.

Girls sued for delivering cookies

Even though it was 10:30 p.m. (kinda late for a good deed in a small town), I find it difficult to feel sympathy for the woman, esp. when she INSISTED on suing, rather than just taking compensation, and then said "I just hope the girls learned a lesson."

I think the lesson these girls learn is don't step on this woman's property in future b/c next person who delivers cookies will be shot. Next person who delivers mail, come to think.

Yeah, yeah, so sue me for not being sympathetic.
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