February 5th, 2005

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Gov't Wallet Is Empty

When I read stories like this, I think back to that classic illustration (used to see it in the 80s) showing a US dollar bill with lines on it showing what portion of the U.S. budget goes to what. I remember it always struck me the huge amount went to military & defense, while meanwhile education and health was this little bitty slice. Anyway, connected to that:

NY Times: Bush Budget Calls for Cuts in Health Services

WASHINGTON, Feb. 4 - President Bush's budget for 2006 cuts spending for a wide range of public health programs, including several to protect the nation against bioterrorist attacks and to respond to medical emergencies, budget documents show.

Faced with constraints on spending caused by record budget deficits and the demands of the war in Iraq, administration officials said on Friday that they had increased the budget for some health programs but cut many others, including some that address urgent health care needs.
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I don't feel so good

I was going to go to Outworlders game night tonight, but I think I may be coming down with something. Several people at my work have recently gone through a nasty 24-hour flu, so maybe I have that. I say "maybe" because it's hard to be sure you're sick when you've already got a headache, earache, and generally feel like crap. But I'm now feeling dizzy and queazy, too, and, well, sickish, so that's what makes me suspect something. I think going to game night would be fun but I dunno, it might be too much for me. Anybody who's been to a part while depressed and/or sick knows what I mean.

Caleb's just invited me over to enjoy some more of that same yummy pasta he made last night. I'll go have that and then at the very least, go and finish off the main parts of Inception. Getting the zine done will take care of a major "to do" item and that, on some level, will be satisfying.
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