February 7th, 2005

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Spooky LJ/song coincidence


I was just randomly reading a really early LJ entry of mine, from October 2002, when I was in Orlando:

So I'm waiting for the Disney shuttle bus back to my hotel (the Swan & Dolphin mega complex) and I realize that in contrast to all the happy people around me, I've just bought two Morrissey CDs and am reading the lyrics for "Every Day Is Like Sunday" ("How I dearly wish I was not here...")

And guess what song I was (am) listening to and what line comes on!
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Paid submission is kinky!

Still, rereading and nearly spilled my drink when I found this one from Nov. 2002!

Lately my geekiness and sense of (naughty) humor have been fusing but the giggle I just had is a bit much...

I was writing out an email to my boss about search engine submissions, explaining why one of our web sites was not doing so well.

I explained that Excite and Yahoo! and MSN have gone to a "paid submission" system.

Naturally rereading the email, I started thinking about how "paid submission" sounds rather kinky and then, in addition, web search engines are sort of like pimps. You give them money for submission and/or gratification of your needs, but results are not guaranteed, it's sort of shady...

Ah, nevermind, I'm just hyped up with pomegranate right now.

Boy, that joke stands up over time!
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It's not so bad

From a NYT article on the budget the Bush administration is submitting to Congress:

Mr. Cheney said the White House had judiciously identified scores of domestic programs to be cut or eliminated. "It's not something we've done with a meat ax, nor are we suddenly turning our backs on the most needy people in our society."

Perhaps there is some truth to this statement since he does use the modifier "suddenly" and I think they sort of turned around about four year ago...
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Just another Manic...

The good news about today is that I'm still breathing and *appear* to be about down with the work that kept me up 'til 3:30.

The bad news is I feel as good as I deserve to and top of it off, my sister Nancy just emailed saying Dad went to the ICU last night b/c of some heartbeat problem.

If I wasn't so tired I think I'd be really anxious.

P.S. Still need to post pics of my new hair. It is very red at the moment.
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Dad update

So the latest news is that dad is in the ICU because he has a slight fever and a cough, which is cause for worry since they're concerned he will wind up with pneumonia. He's basically there so he'll be under close observation. I dearly hope he gets out of that hospital soon, as although it has good facilities, it's quite crowded and like any hospital, full of germs, viruses, etc. that could give my dad some sickness he didn't have when he came in.
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As I was coincidentally telling dadi earlier today, sometimes you really can't work, even if you are not totally sick, simply because your brain stops working. Case in point, I have really got to have a lie down now because I cannot even see straight to do this work I have. I'm sure I can do it later -- faster and more accurately!


I don't know what I was thinking, staying up 'til 3:45.
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Aural Hallucinations

For past 24 hours or so, I keep thinking the timer on my microwave or oven is going off. Only... it's not.

It's funny how lack of sleep is the same thing as having the flu practically.

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