February 8th, 2005

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Rainy England

I just checked the weather in Stafford, to see what it will be like... even though I could guess! Yes, the 10-day forcast is for rain every single day. Temps 40s-50s. Definitely will bring the new shoes w/o holes in the soles! And my nice umbrella.
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The power of technology (cue cheezy music)

I got to experience god-like power tonight, as I managed (with Gabby's remote help) to connect the laptop work gave me to my home network -- and the remote-control my work computer! All I do is click the shortcut I set up, and the laptop "controls" my work computer. I see the work computer's screen and can work on it just like I'm there... only I'm not! The screen is maximized, so it's like I'm using the laptop screen but the work desktop's hard drive. I even used IM to talk to Gab, using the software installed at work!

The program that does this is called Timbuktu. Together with the VPN software I got so I can enter the network at work, this should allow me to work at my desk while I'm in England. This is kinda cool because, well, first off my work can use me to take care of basic stuff, and second because I'll be logging hours I can bill for. Wheeee!

About the only drawback is that this laptop is 13x12 and weighs like 8 lbs. If I ever get a laptop, it'll be a notebook that weighs a lot less, as this was obviously not designed for walkers. I took it to the mall after work since I was running and errand, and UGH! after riding the train with it, going through the mall, etc. the weight really got to me.
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Red head

So here's my latest haircolor...

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I like it! The dye took according to the existing highlight pattern I had, so all the spots where my hair was blond or gold, I got lighter, more orange colors, whereas the parts that were just regular brown are a dark color. At the moment the color looks decidely unnatural but normally these things change after a couple of weeks when certain purple and red dye wash out a bit. (Yes, I have dyed my hair a lot and know too much.)
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