February 11th, 2005

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Stress and sleep don't mix

Not surprisingly, I was up way late last night and also not surprisingly, I had a terrible time getting to sleep. Almost never fails, the night before a trip. For the past week I've had the anxiety-based breathing problem and it was horrible last night; then on top of that I kept thinking my heart was going to stop and my lungs hurt. My head was racing and racing with worries, to-do lists for today, crazy repeatng OCD type thoughts. I finally got up and had a few slugs of Manischewitz blackberry wine right out of the bottle, and for around 10 minutes I thought it was going to make me fall asleep, but I was up quite a while after that. Ugh. I bet I didn't succumb 'til 4:30. Then I got up at 9!

I actually feel OK today, but considering that I never sleep on transatlantaic flights, not even overnight, I am going to be realllly tired tomorrow when I arrive.
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Yes! A client listening to me!

After 24 minutes discussion, I have triumphed over Mat Man!

Mat Man has redone all the pricing on his products (mats) and desperately needs me to update his web site. The problem is, the price grids on the web site were done in HTML. As the person who did said HTML work, I did *not* want to do them over and was in favor of doing all the price grids as PDFs. Mat Man does all the grids in Excel himself. There really isn't any way to convert them to HTML satisfactory and so it takes like 30-60 minutes to do each product. There are *50* of them.

Ahem. So anyway, he's asking me my advice and I say, do PDFs. He tells me that the people at the web site traffic company say that some people won't take the time to download PDFs or won't get the software. On the other hand, of his two big competitors, one of them uses it. And, I told him, the IRS uses it (and is probably one of Adobe's biggest customers). I also espoused the fact that PDF price grids would look *exactly* like his Excel sheets, 100% accurate. And they can be updated quickly, often, without worrying about the time involved or potential screw ups.

He agreed with me and now instead of wasting my time laboriously copying from Excel to Dreamweaver, I can accomplish the whole project in two hours. Sure, it's less pay but UGH! that is the most suck work a web designer can do.
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It's a crime

In a front-page article in today's Atlanta paper, some dumb-ass state senator defending a change in state gun laws (which would let you carried a concealed weapon basically... anywhere) made the following remark:

"What if someone comes to Atlanta to stay at the Ritz-Carlton, and they have to walk a couple of blocks to a restaurant?" said state Rep. Bobby Franklin (R-Marietta). "They'd like to be able to carry that gun in downtown Atlanta at night. Right now, even if they have a permit and have passed the background checks, they can't."

Needless to say, people in the neighborhood, local businesses, neighborhood leaders, are giving this guy hell. WTF?! I can't wait 'til own OUR state rep. takes him on a nighttime tour.

Oh, and meanwhile, just released crime states show crime Downtown is down by 19%. It wasn't that high to start with.
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Leaving on a jet plane

OK, so I seem to be all set to go. The animals have food and their care has been arranged for (thanks to uncles Caleb and Daniel). Mail and newspaper have been put on hold. House is picked up. All bills are paid. Luggage is packed, including laptop and 5-6 CDs worth of data and stuff I might need, plus some software. Got some goodies for Storm and Jim packed as well -- the theme being hedonism as usual, so lots of yummy, smelly and otherwise luxuriously lovely stuff. Got all my client "fires" out I think. Will be leaving in 10 minutes or so. I'm sure to be really early since my flight's not 'til 6:35, but I always prefer waiting 1-1 hours at the gate versus anxiously hyperventilating in some line worrying about missing my plane. Not that I *have* ever missed a plane -- because I'm always so early!

'Til at least tomorrow, bye, folks!
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