February 14th, 2005

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An actual good Sunday

Me again.

I'm up rather late (ahem) after having spent a good portion of the afternoon and evening producting the cover art work for A Dark God Laughing, the first book in a fantasy trilogy I'm editing for Immanion Press and was subsequently asked to do covers for. I think it turned out fantastic and hopefully the powers that be don't order too many huge edits on it -- esp. since the master layer file wound up being about 80 MB (600 dpi) and is nearly impossible to work with. Gabriel's coming over here tomorrow so he can tell me. When the cover is finalized and posted to IP's site, I'll be sure to post it here.

Other thing I've done today, in no particular order:

- Watched Bright Young Things, great movie, adaptation of Evenlyn Waugh

- Enjoyed yummy pasta dinner Storm made

- Drank 5-6 cups of tea, 1 cup of coffee, 2 alcoholic beverages

- Washed my hair

- Listened to a few Orb albums

- Petted many, many cats

Tomorrow morning I'll hopefully get in to town. I've been in the house a day and a half, need to get out.
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Monday, Stafford

Well, posting about being chilly successfully got the radiators burning, after Storm read my post and made adjuments. Apparently Jim comes home after work at the freezer warehouse and feels hot, so he turns the heat almost off, even in winter. She gets cold too! So now the radiators have been on for a day and it's actually a decent temp inside. I am NOT wearing a coat or blanket at the moment!

Meanwhile Gab, Lydia and Donna have just arrived and we're doing IP stuff. Gab and Lyd apparently like the cover I did -- woo hoo! I still can't believe I got to do artwork. Er, me?! They're writing my contract now too, since we didn't finalize it yet. We're got more business to do, I'll be looking through the RPG, then they'll be movies, drinking, likely takeaway, and other fun stuff.

Had a bath this morning and afterwards went to downtown Stafford, which is about a mile walk I guess. Boots was irresistable as usual, and I got that incredible Toni & Guy shampoo for red hair, plus a couple of other products. Also got a yum coffee at the new Cafe Nero, poked around New Look and Dorothy Perkins. At the bakery by the square, got a pack of fresh raisin scones and some sort of pastry that was really good, although I don't know what the filling was.
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