February 16th, 2005

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Lovey Kitty

Storm's cats are so full of love! My favorite is Tara, the white cat with the yellow eyes and stumpy tail. She is so sweet! Last night and the night before, she slept with me in the bed. This morning around 10, she came in to say hello, jumped up to my head, then wanted to get under the comforter. I let her in and she went under, flopped onto her back and acted like a human baby. She hugged me with he paws and stared into my eyes like she was going to kiss me or something. So full of love! She stayed there for an hour, until finally I got up to take a bath.
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Notes from Stafford

It's going all right. Last night Storm brought me through the rituals and things needed for me to become a Reiki Master. It was very relaxing and energizing. Both of us got in a more creative mood; I worked on my book last night and today Storm's been working on some new ideas. I think we're doing some more Reiki later and hopefully I will do more writing.

Meanwhile just so I can share/capture some of the random phenomena of this visit, I offer:


Movies watched:
Mission to Mars
Bright Young Things
The Aviator
Rebecca (British TV version)

Types of yogurt eaten/purchased:
lemon curd
valencia orange

Other dairy products eaten/purchased
cream cheese
mozzarella cheese

Storm's Cats
Yuriel ('Yuri')
Pashtarina ('Pashti')
...and one other one I can't think of!

English words I've learned*

And their definitions, FYI:

Bint. Noun. A woman. From the Arabic 'bint' meaning girl or daughter. Derog.

Ming. Verb. To smell or look unpleasant. E.g."Yearghh, that's disgusting! It mings in here! Which one of you has farted?"

Minger. Noun. A physically undesirable, smelly, or ugly person. Pronounced with a hard G. E.g."It wasn't 'til we woke, the next morning, that I realised quite what a minger she was. I left pretty damn sharpish before she asked for my phone number."

Manky. Adj. Scruffy, dirty, distasteful, disgusting.

* Actually I'd heard these before I'm sure, but didn't notice until we had a whole conversation based on mingy manky bints.
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Embarrassing Moment

From today:

This morning I took a bath. Things went very well, especially relative to my usual success dealing with the tub here. When I was done, I sat in the tub while the water drained. I watched it all go down, then stood up -- only to realize the bathtub was still 1/4 full, becuase my body had DAMMED UP the water behind me! It was like a foot deep and gushed down when I stood up. I guess this demonstrates that my body is an effective seal?
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