February 17th, 2005

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League of Gentlemen

Just watched the first two episodes of Season III, League of Gentlemen, and now I'm even MORE irritated that Season I is the only season available on DVD in Region 1 (USA) format. I saw Season II here the first time I visited, then bought Season I at home, but I can't get II, III or the Christmas special. I just heard from Jim there's a LoG movie in the works, which I SO will need to see... somehow. I can't imagine that playing in the U.S. either. :(

God, I love that show! Disturbing images in these episodes included Micky in drag having sex with Pauline, dressed as Charlie Chaplin and a dream sequence involving a Senor Wences type talking hand.

For my birthday, somebody get me a multiregion DVD player. Please? Then I could watch LoG and German rap videos!

P.S. Good summary of the show here, plus there's an official site and lots of fan sites.