February 19th, 2005

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Old Europe

Saw this headline:

Bush looking to reconcile with 'old Europe'

Is it me, or doesn't it seem like the term "old Europe" is often used as a euphamism for "those old-fashioned, out-of-step, leftists who live off American tourist cash." Because all know the U.S. is the most modern, most progressive country on earth, bar none. It's the New World, after all!

Ugh. Gag me with a spoon!
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My 10 Accomplishments

Ten Things I've Done That Others Might Not Have
Ganked from mroctober

1. Miss out on lesbian sex while living in an all-gay dorm and, for good measure, being into that sort of thing. (I still WTF? myself over that.)
2. Enter a friendship & biz relationship with fav author.
3. Hike 8 hours in the German Alps wearing green Chuck Taylor canvas sneakers.
4. Take a large metal file cabinet on public transit.
5. Accidentally drop antique Amish iron ornaments out bedroom window... on 10th floor.
6. Get lost within 1/2 mile of home.
7. Write Leonard Maltin about a movie and have my rating added to his movie guide. (This was for Boom in the Moon, FYI.)
8. Score 5% on the arm strength test for the national physical education test, after being unable to hang from bar more than 1 second.
9. Sing the White Album sitting on a rock in the Boundary Waters, Minnesota.
10. Seen 5 different artistic perfomances involving nudity in one semester in college.

It's funny... Even though I do a lot of things some people I know don't, it was really hard to do this list, since I don't think most of it is really that uncommon overall. So I picked out rather obscure things.
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