February 21st, 2005

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The Cats

Just like at home, I've been spending an undo amount of time studying the behavior of the house animals, in this case cats. Here are some notes on the 8 of them living in residence / ruling the roost:

Ancient mummy of a white & ginger cat, spends 95% of his time on a pillow propped on top of the living room sofa, keeping warm against the radiator. The other 5% of the time, he's staggering over to the litterbox or the kitchen, where his food is. He also gets cuddles from humans watching the TV, just because he's there. Tubsy is pretty much blind and deaf, but his sense of smell works well enough that if you eat a piece of buttered toast, he'll immediately fall off / climb down from his perch and start licking at the butter. He is totally ancient, but has no problems relieving himself or eating.

Sweet white cat with a tail that looks like a bit of it must be missing. I'm not sure what she does normally, but for the past week she's been doting on me, looking for me at night, waiting on my bed, coming into bed with me. She has a major staring problem and gives the impression she's really smart and/or knows all about you.

Yuriel ('Yuri')
Big white & ginger cat, looks like Tubsy but much younger and healthy. Typical Yuriel behavior seems to be walking around the dining room table while people are eating, as well as flopping down and rolling around on the morning newspaper while somebody is reading it. Gets tangled in the lace tablecloth.

Rather moody long-haired black cat with glowing yellow eyes. Cleo isn't interested in anyone but Storm. She has a strange (and rather annoying) habit of hopping up on the office desks whenever people are working, sitting on top of laptops, power cords, etc., not to mention wanting lap time and obstructing the keyboard while you're trying to write or a play a game.

Affable striped tabby who seems a bit mischievous. Fond of Jim. Gromit seems to have broken the printer by continually sitting on the control panel. Tonight he stalked Jim and my food; apparently he was in the mood to hunt some roast vegies?

Another tabby, looks like Gromit but smaller and with a penchant for meowing. She's been in the office most of the time. If she's not sleeping on a pillow, she's walking around whining and squawking. Or fightig with Pashti, who shares the futon with her.

Pashtarina ('Pashti')
Fat black and white cat. I call her "Cow" because of her marking and the fact she has this huge "gut" hanging down towards the rear of her stomach, kind of like an udder. Looks like she had kittens and it left extra skin, only she didn't. Very pretty cat, with eyes that look make her look like she's wearing mascara. Spends time on futon in the office, usually with Tabitha next to her.

Friendly, mellow black cat with white markings. He seems pretty intelligent and isn't moody at all. A very cat cat.

I'm going to miss all these cats!
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League of Gentlemen MOVIE

Oh, shit. Now I find out League of Gentlemen has done a MOVIE (The League of Gentlemens Apocalypse), set to go into theaters this April!

Damn! I mean, YAY, but I don't think this movie will ever make it into U.S. theaters and even if I can get the DVD, it'll be the wrong region! Blast! Anybody know the trick of getting / making a multiregion DVD player, please tell me now, as I'm getting fed up.

Today I watched more of Season III of LoG and truly, it's brilliant beyond belief. And yet... apparently nobody is ever going to put it out on Region 1? Bah! Guess I'll see the DVD of the movie NEXT time I'm here, whenever that is :>(

Meanwhile, those Americans seeking macabre comedy, please go out and buy season I, becuase perhaps that will encourage Powers That Be to release Season II on DVD? Season III and other stuff would be nice too...
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Gays in the (UK) Military

Much as I am truly loath to pass along any news I read in The Daily Mail (makes me feel dirty each time I read it), today's edition had a story I think might be *mostly* OK journalism:

The U.K. military (I think it was the Marines) has changed its policies so that gay couples (so long as they have a civil union) are entitled to couples housing just like heterosexual couples. This is for housing on bases, not on ships or subs or whatever, as the no sex rules go for pretty much everybody I think.

Can't find the article on the Mail's web site, but in a related bit of news, The Times reports: Navy to advertise for homosexual sailors.

Very innnnnnnnnnnteresting!
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Kitty love

Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but I swear this cat Tara wants to have kittens with me! LOL. My God, this cat is AFTER me! For days now, soon as the sun sets she goes to my room and if I go in there, she's lying there waiting. Starting around 1 she starts looking for me, concerned I'm not in bed. Tonight it's only 9:30 and she's lying on her side in my lap, doing goo-goo eyes are me! I'm going to have to kick her off because my legs will fall alseep from this, but she is so cute. Silly enamored cat!
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One of those writer moments

I'm working on my book and having one of those moments where I'm not happy with myself at all.

What am I so pretentious?
Why do I started so many sentence with overly long clauses?
Why am I so fond on the passive voice?
Why do I try to complicate stuff?
Why do I keep poking at things until they become sh*t?

I almost want to quit, as I'm obviously not quite in the mood, but I will push myself to go on. Or at least I will after I finish this section and go soak my feet. Maybe I'll come back and it'll all look brilliant and clever instead of sh*tty?
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LoG Goodness

So apparently Storm's friend Darren may be able to take League of Gentlemen and put it onto "de-regioned" DVD for me so I can watch it at home on my Region 1 player. That'll be sweet. Perhaps I can do some sort of LoG party, maybe with Outworlders, and spread the sickness.

Finished Season 3 tonight. Brilliant stuff.
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I can't! I can't!

10 Stupid Things I Have Trouble Doing

1. Opening locks. Also closing them. Keys and locks completely befuddle me, mostly because none of them seem to work the same way (although Caleb says they all do work the same way). Argh. I can barely manage my *own* door!

2. Understand words or phrases when they're spelled out instead of spoken. If somebody spells out something to me, my brain can't put the word together unless they speak to me like I'm six. Used to have no trouble with this, then a few years ago, something broke in my brain and I can't manage it.

3. Remember more than 4 numbers in a series (excepting perhaps telephone numbers). Speaking them aloud to me mixed with letters -- even worse.

4. Wink.

5. Do the Macarena. It's too complicated. How anybody can remember it and do it in sequence w/o screwing up, I have no idea.

6. Making phone calls. Although I've improved in the past year, out of necessity as part of my business, I still will do just about anything to avoid calling people, even people I know really well!

7. Speak French. (Actually I blame the French for this more than myself, as their language is just too hard to pronounce.)

8. Drink out of a glass w/o dumping a drink all over myself. I have improved in this area, but there are still occasional spills. I really wonder how I never learned this, seeing as it's a skill taught toddlers.

9. Drink out of a bottle w/o bottle getting stuck on my face. Ummm... see 8. above.

10. Stop myself from making up lists of 10.
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