February 22nd, 2005

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Cider yumminess

I'm enoying a lovely 1/2 liter bottle of Longueville "Cidre de recoltant" (Normandy varietal cider), i.e. hard cider from France, and damn, it is goooooood stuff. I definitely enjoy this way more than beer. Like apple juice with kick, it has a lots of yummy apple flavor but if 5% alcohol like beer. So far I've only had *a* small glass of it. I think drinking the whole bottle will put me to bed. Must finish this chapter I'm working on *before* I finish the bottle. Pacing, pacing!
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Techies with sense o'humor

Went to look something up on Wikipedia and found it running this message:

Power corrupts. Power failure corrupts absolutely.

We're currently recovering servers from a power failure in our colocation facility. This means backing up 170gb of database on several servers and running recovery. Back soon...


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Self-plug: Books

I just realized that maybe it's time for some self-plugging -- several books I've worked are coming out soon from Immanion Press.

To wit...

The Ghosts of Blood and Innocence
Third book in the Wraeththu Histories, i.e. Storm's new Wraeththu trilogy. Quite the kick-ass ending! Immanion Press is doing the U.K. edition, out in March I think, while Tor is doing the U.S. edition, which might not be out 'til September. I was the editor.


The Hienama
Storm's done a new stand-alone Wraeththu book, a drool-worthy (well, IMO) novella with a plot that grabs, some sensitive dead-on descriptions of relationships, and really hot sex. An IP exclusive, coming out in hardcover in, I think, March. I was the editor.


Wraeththu: From Enchantment to Fulfilment
This is the Wraeththu RPG. I did some editing work on this and seem to be listed as the editor of record, although it was a HUGE team project involving probably a dozen people. Will be ready for Lunacon in March?


A Dark God Laughing
Mesmerizing debut fantasy novel by English writer Fiona McGavin. First book in trilogy. I was the editor as well as the cover artist. Comes out spring sometime -- it's already edited and cover is done.



Meanwhile my own book is finally moving forward again and that's going to be my focus for the next 6 months probably.
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Dad Update

Thanks to the power of my mobile, just talk to my dad. He's in a rehab place in Salem, which he says is pretty good. His hip is getting better but unfortunately he's had pneumonia and has had to get food through a tube. He's also lost 20 pounds so he's now at 160! (Before the diabetes and other crap started in on him, he was at 220. He's 6'3".) He was happy I called and gave me lots of updates. Says Mom is tired but still being a trooper. She had to use the snowblower on the driveway again, since Andover got 6 inches again. Anyway, I guess things are as good as can be expected.
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