February 27th, 2005

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Buried in email

Been keeping up with email pretty well through Friday but even so, after erasing all spam, still had 110 emails on just my main account, which I must now download, plus eventually respond to. Gah. And several on my other account. I'll try to be good and not do it now, as I know I sometimes am not the most coherent when I'm tired like this.
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The trip

So now that I'm actually back, guess I should give some summary of what exactly I did/saw while over in England -- even though the answer is honestly not much :) This was my longest stay ever over there (16 days) and I did the least traveling out of all five trips! Even though I didn't exactly plan this trip as a sightseeing tour, due to Storm's dad being sick. neither Storm nor I being able to drive, and Jim's work schedule, I wound up mainly hanging around the house and/or making some shopping trips around town. At least I did make it down to Sussex to visit Stone House again and see Rob, his folks and friends, so that makes two whole places I went!

But enough grousing and on to the good stuff. At Storm's I managed to do a fair job keeping up with Metro Girl and GTRI work, so I actually earned money while on vacation, I'm sure covering the entire cost of the trip (under $1000, given the cheap airfare and lodging or food costs). I also was very productive in the area of writing and YAY my novel is once again really and truly moving! Add to that Storm, Gab, Lyd, etc. and I having good talks re Immanion Press, me catching up on news, manuscripts, etc.

Other "in house" fun at Storm's included:

- getting my Reiki III training so I'm a Reiki Master (ROAR!)
- movies (favs: The Aviator on bootleg DVD, Bright Young Things)
- TV shows (new favorite: Nathan Barley)
- a couple nights of good drinking & dancing (B-52, Siouxsie Sioux, et al.)
- those Siouxsie Sioux vids
- rum and coke, apricot brandy
- lovable cats
- good breakfast food
- tea, tea and more tea
- about a gallon of Tesco brand yogurt
- some simple yet yummy suppers
- 2 Indian takeaway nights
- visit from Anne Sudworth and hubby Warren
- me finally figuring out how to properly mix the hot/cold water in the tub
- (other stuff I can't remember off top of my head)

There was also the trip to the county hospital, dinner at fancy Chinese place, and that Tarot / magic party I went to with Storm and her friends Linda and Ellen. On my own, I went over to Tesco about 5 times (LOL) and went into town twice. Aside from being sad the pet store downtown closed, Staford was OK, although naturally a bit dim in winter. I entertained ideas of maybe taking the bus or train somewhere, but I felt bad going anywhere when Storm was stuck home too b/c of her dad.

Friday afternoon, took the train down to London, which was painless. At Euston, got the Tube over to Victoria, where Rob met me just in time for us to get on the train to E. Grinstead. That was a lot of training but we arrived safe, popped in the car, went to the Sainsbury's nearby, and skiddled over to Forest Row. Stone House was lovely as usual and I got hugs and kisses from Mr. & Mrs. Arnold. Rob cooked up one of his fab dinners, a Thai red curry he made from scratch. Then we watched Little Britain and I was in hysterics! Stayed up 'til 3 reading, trying not to mess up my time cycle.

Saturday was fun as well. I slept 'til 10:30, not a big surprise, and then after breakfast (bacon on English muffins) went in to E. Grinstead with Rob so he could run some errands. Back at Stone House, I took a nap for a bit, and then three of Rob's good long-time friends came over. We all sat around the kitchen table for hours talking, before finally going out to order dinner. We walked over to the closest curry shop and ordered, then went to Forrester's Arms for some beer, went back and got our food, then ate with the whole family. Dinner was great... until Rob's mom discovered a link of metal CHAIN in a prawn korma! Rightly pissed, she and hubby went over to the place, put in a complaint, and got the cost of dinner back in cash, plus 5 quid! Free dinner for a piece of metal. Afterward we had a very nice evening in the main living room, watching the fire, drinking spirits and talking. (For the record: Contreau (sp?) rules!)

I had a terrible time sleeping Saturday night, between being hot, worried, etc. Got up around 7:30 to do final packing, then had breakfast with Rob, who took me to the airport in the snowy weather. Gatwick was fine, no problems, extra smooth. Plane was delayed 1/2 hour for snow and de-icing. Flight over was uneventful; I proofed 100 pages of the Wraeththu RPG (almost ready for press) and watched Toy Story. My neighbor didn't talk at all and a couple of babies cried, two little kids played tag. Arrival at Atlanta was smoothest ever -- no long lines, no disputes over Customs, no waiting, nothing. Texted and phoned people on train ride home. Unpacked most of stuff, showered, had dinner at dinner.

And that was my trip! In short.
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For God's sake

I'm far, far too tired and woozy to watch the Oscars (um, supposing I even could, seeing as I don't get the major TV networks), but anyway, a story on Oscar censorship:

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I sure with Robin Williams would get back into doing his old standup and just send this crap UP instead of keeping to his new "serious," clean, safe-for-children thing. Gah. Because he would be so good at mocking all this!
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