February 28th, 2005

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My writing and editing online

I don't have an "author web site" at the moment, but I do have a "Wendy's Other Life" page, which has info on my writing & editing work, including conferences, appearances, links to the books, pictures, etc. Seeing as I just updated it, thought it'd be worth posting here:

Wendy's Other Life

There's also a page about Breeding Discontent:

I'll eventually do a separate site, but only when I have a standalone book out.


Meanwhile I'm having one of those "My head is spinning" post-travel moments. One moment I'll be all perking and energetic, the next my head is spinning and I feel really out of it. Overall, I'd say my mood is good, but I really do need to go grocery shopping so I have some food in my tum tum.
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Mini rant

It annoys me when...

...I put a transit token in the turnstine and the thing eats it but won't let me through, then the lazy transit worker at the other side is like, "Oh, that doesn't work, put it in here!" -- as if I have magically gotten my token back...

...picking up my vacation mail involves walking 1 1/2 miles, past the city jail, bail bonds shops, and under the highway overpass...

...when I get to the post office, it takes the woman 10 minutes to tell me they don't have my mail (!)...

...it starts to rain, then pours, and I have no umbrella and no mail, have to walk all the way home again...

...I go to the mini-Kroger and there is this crazy-looking 90-year-old woman staring fixedly at the Silk/soy milk fridge case for 5 minutes without making any move to open it or move out of way so I can open it...

...I realize that Stafford may not be a rich town, but it's not nearly as ghetto as the south part of Downtown Atlanta! For fuck's sake!


I'm trying to stay upbeat but the world is making it difficult :(
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Managed to find something I'm apparently really allergic to -- metal polish. Ugh. Used it to shine up the antique flatware I bought and have been sneezing and coughing up crap for an hour now. I keep washing my hands but I think I breathed it in or something. Somehow I think allergy meds won't help me but I'll see what I can dig up. A-chooooo!
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Mysteris of the universe

It's happened again: Somebody making use of the search engine on Inception to run really odd searches about me! From the latest search report:

Tue | Feb 22 00:09:41 2005 | wendy darling pubes?
Tue | Feb 22 00:08:52 2005 | wendy darling vegan wonder
Tue | Feb 22 00:08:36 2005 | wendy darling is a man??
Mon | Feb 21 23:54:38 2005 | wendy darling plastic penis cup
Mon | Feb 21 23:53:50 2005 | wendy darling math test
Mon | Feb 21 23:53:32 2005 | wendy darling hair styles

Beyond bizarre!
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Every SINGLE person I've seen post that English test -- even people who I consider not the best English language users -- did better than I did. WTF? I didn't even think it was that tricky a test. Wish it told you what you got wrong! Argh. Kind of bugs me, since I do kind of edit stuff and am supposed to know the rules and nuances. I mean, just today I corrected something where someone had used "bated" instead of "baited." *Sigh* I'll just write it off as being a stupid LJ quiz.