March 1st, 2005

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Jet laggy dreams

Not surprisingly, I feel awful at the moment. Jet lag manifests in what to me are odd symptoms. Yes, I get the whole being-tired-and-hungry-at-odd-times thing, but not to the extent of most people, since for the entire trip I was going to bed at 3-4 a.m. and sleeping 'til 11 or 12. No, what I get are headache and a peculiar feeling in the back of my head. I feel like of like there's a big weight on the back of my head and I have to struggle to keep my head tipping over. It's not so severe that my head actually falls over, I just feel there's a lack of balance. Ugh. I also have a sore throat (ever since the silver polish thing) and my nose keeps stuffing up (normal allergy stuff, I think).

Slept rather miserably again last night. Actually I was OK 'til around 4 a.m., when the urge to get up was encouraged by my inability to breathe. I don't normally wake up at all during sleep but lately my nose has been clogging so badly I wake up just so I can clear it. Breathing through my mouth doesn't agree with me at all. My throat is so sore :(

Meanwhile I had a really weird dream. In the dream, I was in my hometown in Massachusetts and having to start high school over again, only just as the school year was getting underway, there was a blizzard. In addition, there was some strange time shifting going on so nobody knew when to go to school. Due to a big power outage, the whole community in town started to get more communal. All these people, especially former classmates of mine, showed up at my house for some kind of fancy dress party. People kept coming in and out. The whole time I kept worrying about missing school and how with the shifting time, I couldn't tell when the schoolbus was going to come. Everybody else had cars but they kept going to school without telling me, so I was stuck in my parents' house thinking how I was going to flunk my classes.
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Rather predictably, I seem to be coming down with something. I mean, it's kind of hard to tell given the usual post-travel aches and so on, but my soar throat, coughing, stuffy nose and headache indicate to me perhaps I've got a cold. Just great. Oh, and my entire office at Tech is coughing too, as were three people at the allergy clinic yesterday.
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Surprisingly good news!

Considering how yucky I feel and how I'm rather overwhelmed with work/tasks/jobs of all kind at the moment, I was surprised to come home to good news. Several items worth in fact!

#1 Mail found!
Went to check my mail and lo and behold, there was a key in the boy, indicating something was waiting for me in the "oversize" mail box. There I found my missing mail! This is great since Charlene at the USPS postal facility told this afternoon I should come by and visit her again tomorrow. Apparently, however, the mail carrier saw the "Dear USPS, please leave my mail if you have it" note I put in the box this morning :)

#2 Affirmative Action is my friend
Got my official notication from the City of Atlanta saying they've accepted my application for status as a Female Minority Enterprize. Caleb's company can now use me to show they have diversity when bidding on gov't projects, since they use me to do project web site for all their planning stuff. The new status also means I'm on some kind of list with the City, so the City or other firms working with them might call me up to do work with them. Those forms were a PAIN in the ass, but yay that I got it!

#3 Money
Got a couple of client checks in. Not big ones or anything, but yay, money.

On the only SEMI good news front...

#4 Health insurance
Got a statement from my allergist with around 4 months of allergy shots. On the shots given THIS year, my insurance company is now paying $1.95 a shot, since it's a year and I qualify for coverage for my "pre-existing condition." It's nice they are paying... but not too helpful since the shots are stil $24 each. The one thing I can say is that I am now racking up a deductible and if I use it up, *eventually* this year the shots will be paid for in full. (Hey! Maybe the dental work I'm having for my 3 fillings will make this happen soon!)

There were other good bits of news, but at the moment I'm going to try picking up in the kitchen and then using tonight to write.