March 2nd, 2005

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Big Americans

I was waiting for the bus yesterday and started paying attention to the cars: those huge American cars. In England I find most of the cars meet my ideal: small, as in not bit bigger than they need to be. Here, especially in Atlanta, there are all these huge, long cars like Cadillacs, or giant pick-up trucks and SUVs. If you chopped them in half and doubled their gas milleage, they would be OK, although never near as cute as the cars in England, Germany, etc. I would be happy driving a little Ford Punto or a Fiat or something. If I were to drive. Which I don't but still: American cars, ai ai ugh!
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English Kitties

Yeah, so I had this infatuation with Storm and Jim's cats. And like anybody with a digital camera would, I took lots of pictures of them. Here are my favorites. The only cat missing is Sam, who's black and white and handsome, but apparently camera shy.

Tara, the kitty who wriggled into my bed every night

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Stone House

Every since my first visit in 1998, I've been infatuated with Rob's house, called Stone House. Actually, it's his parents' house, since they bought it in the early 90s, but Rob has lived there at least half that time, going back there whenever he doesn't have a home elsewhere. It's a lovely, rather enormous (by English standards) 600-year-old sandstone house in Forest Row, E. Sussex. (If you wonder where Forest Row is, it's near E. Grinstead, west of Tunbridge-Wells). Anyway, as usual I took a bunch of pictures there of the various rooms, the staircase, details, etc. Enjoy!

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Got a cold. My nose won't stop running for anything and I keep bursting into those enormous sneezes of mine. I feel so gross and headachey but I don't think I can do anything about it except to wait it out. Caleb has offered me Zicam and I've applied it, but my nose is running so bad it doesn't stand a chance. *sniffle*
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Not much better

My head still hurts. Everything is clogged.

Have to go to bank now to meet with retirement investment advisor. I so wish we could do it on the phone, although perhaps fresh air would be good.

Lots of things need doing today, but ugh, I feel like a total slug.

Meanwhile, I notice finally changed it's front page headline that was referring to "Topkea" instead of Topeka. I kept thinking Topkea was like the #1 IKEA or something.
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Smooch Attack

When I visited Rob's place, both his parents did the hug & double-kissing thing to me on the way in and out. That was OK, becuase they're genteel people.

Then yesterday at the dentist, Dr. Michaels finished up talking to me about my cavities and then leaned in and gave me a smooch right next to my mouth! I found this a bit odd since it's a medical environment. I know gay men are often really affectionate and kissy with women but, er... I was surprised.

I'm going to the investment guy now. He better not kiss me.
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Wack E. Names

There's a particular brand of spam that comes with wacked-out names. I know the names are generated using some kind of program that grabs dictionary words and makes "names" out of them, inserting a middle initial, but hey, it's still funny to me and I also think, "Hey, good names for a weird story!"

Some recent gems:

Caravaggio J. Scandinavian
Hid B. Skullcaps
Sexton U. Domineering
Cathay U. Salted
Canning H. Cods
Vacillate M. Caressed
Spiciness H. Wholesome
Lentils I. Sculpted
Sacrament A. Cautious
Arduousness S. Restructuring
Tailcoat I. Trajectory
Gentles T. Teaspoon
Shipwright K. Chimera
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