March 3rd, 2005

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During the night, my cold/allergy attack seems to have turned the corner. I could say as much for my mood. I woke up a couple hours before my alarm and thought, "Hmm, my brain is working again, like without all the craziness." Then I went to sleep again. Although it's true I do have a long work list and a lot of things to face up to (e.g. I only have ONE pair of pants that fits!), at the moment I feel I can face up to them. *please please let it last*

In other good news, I spent the 20 minutes before my alarm went off (yes, I keep waking up due to jetlag) worrying about how I only have 8 days before I have to leave for NYC and Lunacon. I was getting all wrapped up in this idea until I finally (just now) thought of something that made me realize I'm not leaving 'til the 20th. So more time to get stuff done. Yay!
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NY Times Headline

New Poll Finds Bush Priorities Are Out of Step With Americans

Well, duh!

Interesting how only NOW are more and people saying "WTF?" to this administration. God, the Democrats did a suck job :(
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Cold, work

Just finished a big glass of Alka Seltzer Cold, my favorite cold remedy. It tastes like mineral water pretty much. My cold is actually much better today, but I feel a headache coming on and I figure this has painkiller in it.

Work has been OK today. Doing very, very boring updates to our intranet, mostly just copying and pasting from Word into this horrible online policy & procedures manual, formatting it right, etc. IMO, a really good use of some developer time would be to figure a simple and easy way to put this whole manual online as HTML but make it so the main office can update it themselves -- without knowing diddysquat HTML. Even if we just took the time to implement that Macromedia Contribute thing so they can do HTML for Dummies, that would save a lot of time! Actually I still don't understand why this entire manual isn't put out as a PDF, since each policy & procedure is a separate Word doc, but there you go, I guess this is why I'm not in management :>o

Meanwhile I got an email from the retirement community, giving me the FTP info I need to upload their new web site. Hopefully I can do all the search engine work this weekend and send a bill Monday. The balance of this job is worth about 3 months income to me (good since I haven't had much income for 2 month).
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Presenting... Mount Vernon Towers!

The moment out of my life at Metro Girl that I always always enjoy... launching a new web site!

Mount Vernon Towers!

Their previous web site looked like it had been sketched on the back of an old napkin. I really like this site -- certainly one of the best I've ever done.

Naturally, if anybody sees anything wrong or not working or some typo, let me know.
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Metro Girl, looking good

I'm having a moment of positivity and optimism here, so let me pause and ponder the good fortunate rolling in to Metro Girl:

- Finished project worth major $$$ and also nice design, will bring more clients
- About to send large invoice for Mat Man for work I did in England
- About to do work for Mat Man worth another fat chunk of change
- Condo assoc. in Sandy Springs wants me to do their web site
- Soon (after some delay) I'll be doing a web site for the gallery downstairs
- Friend & neighbor Paula wants her own web site; I did her Hubby's site
- Received request from a self-maintaining client to go back to paying ME to do it
- Shady B&B owner Windell came crawling back to me, still wants me to work for him
- Ditzy real estate agent might actually let me finish her site soon
- I'm set to re-do Caleb's company web site this spring
- The non-profit feminist group is now actually paying me something for maintenance
- CAP just sent me a whole bunch of news items to post
- ELS has sent me some minor edits; Sherman will sent the check instantly

So! It looks like I will be busy through like June with all this stuff, not even counting new stuff that comes in. I rather wish I didn't have to be at Tech 2 days a week, but then again, that has been good for cash flow. In months I actually don't travel (ahem!) I make $1200-$1600/month (after tax) from that job, which is money that does not go unloved.
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