March 4th, 2005

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Dad Update

My dad's in the hospital again. He's basically been stuck in hospitals for a month. His hip is actually healing, but there are all these complications that keep coming up, one after the other, keeping him from coming home. For the past couple of weeks he's been in this nice rehab hospital in Salem, which was good after being crowded in Lawrence General, but last night he was rushed to Holy Family, which I think is the big hospital in Salem, because somehow during some procedure a vein was nicked or something. He's stable now but they had to put a bunch of blood in him -- which was dicey since he's AB-, one of the rarist blood types.

Anyway, latest emails I've gotten from family say that he's able to talk on the phone and happy with the portable DVD player Carolyn got him. Nancy is driving up from NY State today and Carolyn I think is coming over the weekend.

I am still stuck on when and how to visit. There are several factors keeping me from buying airline tix immediately, including the fact I'm going to NY on the 18th, I've got biz and work commitments I need to get done with, etc. Some would say I should ditch all these considerations but I guess I'm not the selfless flying-oneself-on-the-hospital-bed type? I dunno, but I guess I feel like if I come up and visit it's like admitting my dad is going to die. I personally think dad can lick this, if they ever stop poking him and let him leave the hospital. That's when I'd like to visit -- when he's home again. My mom is taking charge of the whole thing and my 3 sisters are visiting like every week (and my brother even drove down once). So not as if he's alone. And I *can* (and have) called and talked to him.

Sigh. I'm going to the allergist now. Anybody feel free to send me your thoughts while I'm out. I may go, I may not.
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I wish...

...instead of pop-up blockers, there were blockers for Martha Stewart, Michael Jackson, and basically any and all celebrity trials. And at least warnings about seeing Dubya's face. Ugh.
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Email as Emergency CB Radio

So I get back home and my inbox is filled with email updates from my three sisters, all reporting on what is going on with my dad. Curiously, the more updates I get, the less inclined I am to want to go up there -- seems like I'd be flying into a hurricane or jumping into a venting volcano! They ALL seem to be on there way over today.

Just to convey the chaos, Collapse )

So basically, I think this is crisis resolved for the moment? I hope so bad they do let him out of there by Wednesday to live at home. My "plan" is to visit mid-April, when the insanity has passed. I will call Nancy and Mom today though and ask what they think.
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Lost Souls

Today on my weekly trip to the allergist / Petsmart, I started reading Lost Souls. It's one of these books I know a lot of my friends (Kristina & Lisa especially) read many times but I never read. Now the Outworlders book group is reading it.

I'm through around 60 pages and it's more enjoyable than I thought it would be. I actually thought I would hate it, probably because I've met so many yucky people who were into the book -- I thought if they liked it, it would be something I wouldn't. Also, the people who were into Poppy Z. Brite were the ones who would diss Lestat, so that created a schema ;) It's okay though, with its intriguing aspects and some pretty vivid, though not florid, descriptions. So far I mainly like Ghost, because he's otherworldly and magical. Final comment (for now) is that I probably would've enjoyed this a lot more maybe 10 or 15 years ago, as it seems quite a teenage book to me (er, not unlike those OTHER vampire books I enjoyed).

P.S. For this and future posts on the book, I guess I must use my goth icon.
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My jobs

Out of nowhere pops this list.

Paid Jobs I've Had
  • Library page (with a specialty in AV)
  • Janitor
  • Newspaper reporter and editorial columnist
  • Drudgery-doer at an intro. chemistry dept.
  • Intern at Entertainment Weekly, a Time-Warner Company
  • Cafeteria worker (including trough, salad bar, chicken cleaning, and more)
  • Contract webmaster for state health dept.
  • Contract webmaster for technical research institute at state university
  • Self-employed web consultant
  • Editor at small independent publisher
Not a lot of jobs, but I will say that 3 of them total 9 years.
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Stop, brain, stop!

Although I no longer watch any late night talk shows, my many years of doing so (starting when I was probably 10) leads my mind into making jokes.

Saw this headline on CNN: "Man survives doctor-assisted suicide attempt"

My first reaction was: "And now he's suing for mal-practice."

Actually the guy is now dead, but he DID wake up a couple days after trying to kill himself and was apparently not too satisfied to be alive. Lousy for everybody involved.