March 5th, 2005

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Timed cleaning

Some people have little mnemonic tricks they use to recall phone numbres, rules, etc.

I have tricks to help me clean the house!

Today I tried out a new one and it worked so well I wanted to share:

The "main room" of my apartment in a combined kitchen, dining room and living room. It gets messy all the time because, to be honest, I'm lazy and dislike cleaning. Anyway, even though the room doens't really take that much to clean and pick up, sometimes it can take me a whole afternoon, because I'll let myself get distracted or involved in other stuff, like filing my CD collection, playing online games in another room, reading, watcing TV, etc.

Well, today I was able to avoid this problem by simply setting an alarm. I gave myself 30 minutes to clean the whole room and as soon as the seconds started going down, I got to work. In that time, I cleaned the counters, emptied the dishwasher, washed the pots, cleared off and washed the table, picked up all the stuff on the floor, fished remotes out of the sofa, emptied the garbage, and swept the floor. After the 30 minutes were up I took 10 minutes to vacuum around the birdcage. Not bad!

I figure this timer thing is just like when somebody calls and says they're coming in 30 minutes and you realize your house is a mess. If you can quickly clean up THEN, why not do it that fast normally, just using an artificial timer?
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I've got a bad feeling about this

Well, the two and a half days of bounce and energy I've just had should've been a tip off. IT is about to happen again. Bah. I hate how I can feel it coming. Maybe if I run over to CVS and buy a huge thing of chocolate ice cream it will be like a magic shield? He he. Or maybe (this idea is better) I can go down to the workout room and work out, hoping endorphins will do something.

Funny, because this morning I was out with Caleb and saw a flyer from Emory University, which as they oftentimes do, is looking for people with untreated depression to come in for a study, including like 10 weeks of treatment. Doesn't sound like a bad idea to me except Emory is not the most MARTA convenient place (only one bus runs there). I will keep it in mind though.
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ATTN Anonymous Person

To the Anonymous Person Who Snail-mailed Me the Print-out from

You apparently read my LJ post about not being about to find League of Gentlemen on DVD, so you searched, found Season 1 on DVD, printed out the search results, circle the item, and mailed it to me (addressed to Metro Girl using a printed-out business envelope label, no less).

The thing is, I have Season 1 on DVD. What I was posting about (or moaning about really) is that Seasons 2 & 3 (plus the Christmas special and a live show) are NOT available on DVD for Region 1. There is an American VHS of Season 2 but that's it.

So thanks but I'm on the case.
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Up in Smoke

Right now Georgia is going through another round of discussion on anti-smoking legislation. I am all for it. There are things that annoy me just because they bug me, then there are things that annoy me because their directly impacting me and other people in a significantly negative way. Smoking in public places, in restuarants, in bars, in clubs or pretty much anyplace else where non-smokers are forced to smoke-by-proxy just annoys the shit out of me.

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I realize I could easily put a filter on this post to spare those of you I know smoke from having to read this, but f*ck it. I think I'm a very polite non-smoker and in the past I've given my smoking friends a lot of leeway. For example, except for occasions when I'm in my own home, I don't think I've ever said to anyone, "Please, I'd appreciate it if you didn't smoke." And to the many times I've been asked, "Mind if I smoke?" I've pretty much said, "No, it's OK." It's not really OK, but do I want to make friends of mine uncomfortable? No -- especially if I'm at their house or in an area where smoking is legally allowed. I probably should be more honest really, but just like I can be a slave to fashion, I guess I'm a slave to the concept of forgiving friends their faults. So, friends, I forgive you but am not altogether pleased.
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