March 9th, 2005

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Early 90s Flashback

A couple months ago I did something sensible, copying a whole bunch of early 90s albums and compilations Caleb and I listened to in college, but which I don't actually own themselves. Been listening to the stack of them the past few days (good music to clean to!) and came across one I'd labled "Embarrassing Early 90s Techno." (As opposed to good techno, which does exist, and can be found on the other CDs.) There aren't any track listings on the CD, since I was lazy about naming the files, but listening to it now, I can see why "embarrassing" came into it, although there is a certain charm and nostalgia.

Here is the play list:

01 "Give It Up" (Mix 1) - The Goodmen
02 "Give It Up" (Mix 2) - The Goodmen
03 "Phantom of the Opera"* (Mix 1)
04 "Phantom of the Opera" (Mix 2)
05 "Phantom of the Opera" (Mix 3)
06 "Do What's Good For Me" (2 Unlimited)
07 "No Limit" (2 Unlimited)
08 "Get Ready For This" (2 Unlimited)
09 "Twilight Zone"** (2 Unlimited)
10 "Jump For Joy (2 Unlimited)
11 "Tribal Dance"*** (2 Unlimited)
12 "Workaholic" (2 Unlimited)
13 "Let The Beat Control Your Body" (2 Unlimited)

All these songs were played a LOT at the techno dances Caleb and I went to throughout our years at UMass. Dances were usually sponsored by the gay alliance (we did a monthly dance, go us!) or the International Students union, which sponsored series of mega dances in the Student Union.

* Note to producer: When you hire somebody to cover a song, make sure English is their native language or at least they can pretend it is. Woyce just doesn't work for "voice."
** Contains THE techno riff and the "Whoo!" sample, making it a stand-in for numerous hundreds of similar songs.
*** I still have no clue how this song is "tribal."
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Nice wrapping

Recently I've been very conscious that I don't look nearly as good as I could (mainly due to gaining yet more weight) but even so, I still get compliments on my outfits. Which proves I at least do a good wrapping job, even if the present is a bit iffy.

Anyway, what originally prompted me to write this is an encounter I had on Monday night at Whole Foods. I went over to get some bulk granola and when I turned to my container, there was this black woman with a cart and she was STARING at me! She was like "Oh my God, you look so good, that's incredible!" Specifically, she started to point at my legs; I'd worn hot pink opaque tights with fancy black fishnets on top. "Those tights are amazing!" I stopped and showed her how they're actually TWO pairs and she was like, "That is. The most clever. Thing. Ever." Actually I'm pretty sure this style has been done since at least the 80s and women in England and Germany still do it, but apparently this woman had never conceived of such a thing. So she goes on, asking me where I got the tights, etc., and then the kicker: She's opening a club and while she'd originally planned to have the girls all wear fishnets, now she was going to have them all do tights-fishnets combos! I told her it was a good idea since it keeps your legs warm. When I said bye to the woman, she was like, "That you so much, that was like reading a fashion mag!"

Tonight our building had a social, with appetizers from the two cafes in the lobby, plus a big bring-your-own-alcoho-deal. Rather than schlep down wearing my ratty skirt and top, I got into a black velour straight skirt, patent leather Mary Janes, rhinestone jewelry, etc. I just can't help myself... I love to get dressed up. Anyway, I was rewarded by twice being told I looked "amazing," one time being told I looked like a movie star, and another time being told I looked like I had stepped out of a fashion mag. Even though I am about 40 lbs. above fashion model weight, I think I carry myself off well enough that people maybe don't notice I don't actually totally fit in all my clothes ;)