March 10th, 2005

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Local Celebrity Spotting

Any time I walk past the 24-hour diner next door, I glance in at the diners. Partly I'm just curious how their business is going, partly I like to see what clientelle they attract. The Landmark brings in a wide group actually -- GSU students, office workers, tourists, residents, lots of cops, etc.

This morning walking by I glanced over and there was our mayor, Shirley Franklin, drinking a cup of coffee! I wanted to stop, wave my arms and yell "Whoo! Hurray for Shirley! Yay!" but I just kind of smiled and kept walking. I love our mayor anyway, but yay that she goes to the diner. I hope she tried the latkes; they're really good!
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Dad Update

My dad is back home again! Mom has set up a new bedroom in the dining room, using my two old twin beds, since Dad has to sleep separate. There will be a nurse coming every day for checkup, medicines, and maybe a different person coming for physical therapy, streghtening Dad up so he can eventually walk, with his hip all healed.

Once my dad can walk the next rule is going to be that he NEVER carries a tray up or down the stairs! :>o
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Cover art success

Yesterday I took a stab at making a web site for Fiona McGavin, whose fantasy trilogy I'm editing and donig the cover art for. I posted an initial version of it for her review and not only does she like it, she loves the cover for the first book. It's not the final version, but it's close.

Wow! I love the cover - it's very striking and seems to sum up the tone of the book perfectly. If you're going to do the covers for the other two books, you'll have a lot to live up to now!

Coolness. And I promise, whenever the cover is finalized and the web site is done, I will post it here.
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Good news

There's been an awful lot of "Woe is me" type posts in this LJ lately, so while I'm feeling a bit better and good things are happenig, let me post:

1) Stupid headache is still hanging around but I'm not feeling quite so bad today and good things seem to be happening.

2) Had lunch at my fav restaurant, Baraonda, and it was very good.

3) Almost done reading Lost Souls and, wow, I really liked it. I had attached a lot of baggage to it before reading it and was sure I'd HATE the tone, the writing, the characters, but turns out I was wrong about that. I've really savored this read and I'm sad it's going to end! (Ghost is still my fav character, BTW.)

4) Talked to my boss who "ran the numbers" and decided he could go along with my request for a raise in my hourly pay. It's a 37% raise, I determined.

5) Still happy Fiona liked my book cover design and the web site. Storm liked it too.

6) A gaggle of women passed me on the street this morning and starting all pointing at my tights. They're just ordinary gray and black argyle tights but hey, it make me happy.

7) At lunch I wound up chatting with these women eating next to me, with me explaining the menu, which I know quite well, then talking about other things, like spoiled teenagers who want birthdays at the Ritz. I like chatting with random people I don't know.

8) Have been using my vintage black patent leather purse, instead of my Polaroid camera case purse. It's rather large and I have to carry it on my arm, but I like it. Yesterday and today I wore matching shiney shoes with it.

9) Have almost decided for sure that I want to contact the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program at Emory and submit myself to take part in their depression & anxiety study. It would be for 2-3 months. I am thinking, however, that I should go to my regular doctor and discuss it before going in without telling. My doctor is affiliated with Emory anyway but it seems like I should check on it.

10) Finished updating 50 pages of an HTML-based policies & procedures manual. Very nice to be done with that!
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