March 11th, 2005

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I don't want to speak too soon, but I feel pretty good today!

Things I plan on doing today:

- Get my allergy shot (leaving soon)
- Actually pay myself (supposed to do on 1st, for some reason forgot to)
- Deposit 3 client checks (small but, hey, money!)
- Bill CAP (forgot, oops)
- Clean guinea pigs' age
- Prep stuff so Caleb can do my taxes this weekend
- Respond to sh*tload of email
- Put out a "call" for Inception

Recent good news:

- Finished Lost Souls and really enjoyed it
- Dad is back home again after being in hospital/rehab for 6 weeks
- Retirement home web site is in top 10 for several major search engines now
- Retirement home will be paying me soon
- So far today, no headache and no major depression
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Newsreels from the music world

I'm preparing to work on a new writing project and to get the flavor I want, I need some musical /visual inspiration, so I just ordered these blasts from the past:

Siouxsie and the Banshees: Twice upon a Time


Einstürzende Neubauten: Liebeslieder

Both are only available on VHS but that's why I bought a VCR two years ago. I'm particularly excited about the EN video, since I rented it a few years ago and was blown away, but haven't seen it since. Blixa Bargeld, concerts in silos, lots of screaming... I'm so up for it! Going to take LOTS of notes, too!


On a completely different note, I also just ordered The Persian Boy (Mary Renault) and Parable of the Sower (Octavia Butler). Must feed my need for inspiring female authors who don't hesitate to explore any kind of sex or violate any human more.
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Well, CNN is saying: BREAKING NEWS: At least one person shot at the Fulton County courthouse in Atlanta, Georgia, police say. Details soon.

And the local paper's web site says:

Up to three shot at Fulton courthouse
Deputy, judge may have been hit; police looking for suspect said to be carjacking vehicles.

That's about 5 minutes' walk from here. Damn!

I'm going to get my shot now. Walking the OTHER direction, taking the train.

So I got up to Buckhead for my shot and riding the train, at the office, and then back downtown again having lunch, I hear people talking about this shooting... only hardly any of them are talking about the shooting (a.k.a. people dying) part of it -- they're all bitching and marveling at the TRAFFIC caused by the incident, the carjacking, etc.
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Things are too exciting around here

The courthouse murderer at the courthourt this morning engaged in several carjackings afterward, including one a couple blocks from here, behind the Chinese restaurant Caleb and I ate last Friday. The victim, a reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, got pistol-whipped and later wrote/dictated a report about it:


It's a good thing I don't worry about safety and all that crap. Seriously, it's really safe here, long as maniacs like this keep their hands off guns!
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Another Journal

For the past few days I've been using a service called Depresion Diary. It's a handy online tool that basically lets me record my mood and also identify some patterns. For every day, you rate your overall level of depression and then name the "best" and "worst" hours of the day; you can add in note describing how you felt when you were feeling good or when you were feeling bad.

I've entered five days this week, plus some days earlier where I could enter data based on LJ entries. So far the main pattern I see is that I'm usually at my best in the morning (funny, since I *hate* mornings), headaches start around noon-1 p.m. and usually 5-6 p.m. is when I feel like total crap. Also, any bad headaches or mood I have tends to lift at night, by 9 p.m. (Mind you, I have no clue what this means, but maybe one day I can show the data to somebody who will.)

P.S. No, my Depression Diary isn't public :)
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Right under their (our?) nose

Hours after launching a massive manhunt, Atlanta police said late Friday night they found a car believed taken by Brian Nichols, the suspect accused of gunning down a popular judge, his court reporter and a deputy earlier in the day. The 1997 green Honda Accord was in Centennial parking garage across from CNN Center.

So this car was a couple of blocks away from here. It's strange, because the AJC reporter who got carjacked got carjacked in this SAME parking deck, so apparently the guy left the car in the garage. Now where did he go after that? One thing's for sure: It'd be REAL easy for him to blend into the crowd of THOUSANDS (including many tall athletic black men) who are right in that same area (CNN/Philips Arena/Dome) for the SEC games.

Meanwile, I am thinking the fact this guy actually managed to escape the 8th floor of a "secure" building is freaky and makes me think of The Fugitive or something. I mean... that's a hell of a lot of force, skill and luck at work. And to do *5* carjacking over a 1/2 mile distance?! The power of adrelaline, I swear...
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