March 12th, 2005

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AV Wendy Darling

Well, I've done web searches on my name but I've NEVER noticed that I'm a team of people building an "automated vehicle" in some kind of DARPA challenge!

The truck that most veterans depended on

Notably, it was my MOM who found this link and sent it to me.


In that same email from Mom, this sweet note:

Give Dad a call tomorrow. He likes to hear from you.
I put your whale lamp next to his bed. He has always loved that lamp.
Makes him think of you.

Awww. I had to make a little wooden table lamp in 8th grade shop class. It was cute and my dad always liked it because it had a nautical theme.
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Close to Home

The NY Times has published a graphic showing the shooting/carjacking drama locations, Family Circus style.

Adding one more bit of info to show where I was at the time, here it is:

Collapse )

So apparently he drove right under my window. I was reading the paper and eating breakfast.
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I love legwear

People love my tights. Well, yay!

Today Daniel, Caleb and I went to Alon's to do our Saturday morning "treats and coffee" thing. I went in wearing these black diamond tights which, frankly, have seen better days but look OK. Anyway, I'm inside ordering when this middle-aged man comes up to me and says, "Excuse me, I've got kind of an odd question, if you don't mind." I say go ahead, of course, and he says his daughters, sitting outside eating, had seen me coming in and were going on about my tights. Where did I get them? He want to know so he could avoid hunting. I told him that actually I was pretty sure these tights were from Germany but that for really nice tights in the U.S., go to Nordstrom. They cost 2-5 times as much there as in Europe, but they are a very worthy fashion accessory!

Meanwhile Caleb says I should set up a tights shop or a tights mail order company. I'm pretty sure if I did that I would actually do quite well, since the shop could be VERY small and if nothing else, the things would be a HUGE hit with black women. (Black women tend to compliment my tights and outfits -- glasses, hair, etc. -- much, much more than white women. For what reason I'm not sure exactly.) Having a shop or mail order would also give me an excuse (like Franco my Italian importer friend) to go to Europe every few months. Like in Spring I could go to Munich, fill a suitcase full of tights on sale for 2 euros each at Karstadt and sell them for $20 in the States. And in the shop I would dress up and wear CRAZY tights every day!

We can all have our fantasies. Who knows, some day it could happen!

P.S. One day I will take pictures of all my tights. Just haven't had time yet. I have around 50 pairs. Maybe more! Had to get a special container for them, as no way do they fit in my dresser drawer!
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Let me think...

I have to laugh at the poll up now: Do you believe the courts in your hometown are safe?

Um, considering my hometown is Atlanta, that would be a big NO!

I rarely get in a huff over "safety" concerns (in fact most of the times most conversations irritate the crap out of me), but something is up when somebody can escape from the 8th floor of a "secure" building which is *known* to be full of criminals. One suggestion: Make the security officers lose some WEIGHT! If you notice from the news, almost every officer shown must be a good 50 lbs. overweight. Just sayin'....

You watch me get a jury duty summons TODAY.
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Tax time

Caleb is going to hopefully do my taxes this weekend.

I hate doing them so much that even just printing out reports from MS Money and Quickbooks is stressing me out! Need to print out reports of all my business and personal income & expenses.

One good thing about this is I realize that Metro Girl made some good money last year, esp. considering my vacations, me getting tied up with Dragon*Con, some dry spells, etc.

The other good thing: I'm hoping I get a tax refund, based on paying too much on my quarterly taxes, which were probably based on an overly optimistic estimate of income. Caleb says I will, but he's yet to see the details, so who knows.

--Addendium, 7 PM--

So Caleb just left and apparently the Tax Beast is nearly subdued.

Incredibly he managed to do my estimated taxes within $40, so the IRS was paid off appropriately. I will be getting a $500 federal refund, last I heard.

Not sure what I owe Georgia yet, though probably not a lot, as Caleb revealed my taxable income to me, which turned out to be "welfare mom level," as becoming self-employed reduced my income by about 2/3. So I doubt the state is really going to tax me a lot.

Another fun thing is Caleb is working on revising my 2002 federal return, because there's a booboo on it that means I can get a refund for a bunch of money.

Even though HE did all the work of this, I feel so stressed out. It's like having surgery for me -- all this important personal stuff in the hands of somebody else. Unnerving!
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I think Mansquito may be the most kick-*ss SciFi Original Movie yet, least if you are watching for so-bad-it's-good SF kitsch value! I just watched the first 20 minutes, and all the man-to-mosquito action has already occured! No logical time structure or science found in THIS movie! Good lord! The poor guy mutatated from human (with mosquito arm) to full-blown giant mosquito monster in about 45 seconds screen time, with his girlfriend screaming the whole time. Then he (naturally) sucked the life out of the girlfriend and there was a commercial. Gee, I wonder what happens next? 1 hr. 40 minutes of law enforcement trying to kill the Mansquito? Hmmm...
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