March 15th, 2005

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Seeing the sites

I'm very happy with the last couple of web sites I've done, and on that note, some web sites of mine I'm especially proud of:

- Mount Vernon Towers
- Charis Circle
- Inman Park Bed & Breakfast
- Atlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association
- Tom Haney*
- Solo Design

* May not look the "slickest" visually but totally matches Tom's work, he loves it, it's brought him work, plus it has that cool interactive puppet guy on the home page.

I'm also proud of the technical achievement and precision of Mat Tech, but it's just... Mat Tech! Industrial catalogue for mats is just not gonna excite me.
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Breathing easy

Miraculously, I was able to avoid the whole breathing problem last night!

I don't know if this really helped, but prior to bed I jumped rope for a while in the living room, thinking it would get my heart and breathing up before bed, so my breathing wouldn't be so slow. Then I got in bed and instead of lying on my bad to start, I got on my side. And then I immediately made myself start thinking of the plot for a fanfic I'm developing, coming up with dialog, idea of the setting, etc. On a certain level I was aware of my breathing and noticed it faltering a few times, but I would just breathe more deeply, not gasp or anything. I told myself not to worry because I would get enough air. And it must've worked b/c I know I fell asleep within 10 minutes.

Bad news is I woke up with a headache, probabably from squinting against the light coming in under the shade.
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Taxes away!

So yesterday I mailed off all my tax forms. I had to go to the post office beforehand to get more stamps, as I had quite a lot to mail:

1) 2004 federal
2) 2004 state
3) 2003 amended federal
4) 2003 amended state
5) 2002 amended federal
6) 2002 amended state

With all that done, the good news is that although I had to send out 1/2 the forms with checks, the other half were all refunds. Caleb tells me my net refund will be about $700. Or is that how much I'll get back total? Whatever it is, I'm not going to be any poorer from taxes, as I seem to have paid exactly right last year.

Now this leads to: a) check for Caleb's work -- he's just as good as a pro and b) me renewing my biz licence, now that I have my taxes to show them. (They require previous years tax forms to prove income.)
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The Memories...

Is there any dance song that conjures up the genero dancy techno of the early 90s as much as "Twilight Zone"? I've been too lazy to take this mixer out of my computer and keep listening to 2Unlimited. "T.Z." features both "the riff" and the infinitely sampled "Whoo!" (M.J. or wannabe) found in about 90% of tunes of this type. I wish I knew how to rip CDs because I'd love to share this crap!

All I can think right now is Eurohouse Dances at the UMass Student Union, complete with brochitis-causing, hyperactive smoke machines and people smoking pot on the sidelines.
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