March 16th, 2005

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A pox on that

Slate has an interesting article on the economics of the chicken pox vaccine. Basically the economics of producing the vaccine were shaky to start with but now a study has shown the vaccine might not totally last, so some would have to get a second dose, which would make the economic model for administering the shot fall apart. I don't normally get into economic articles, but this one was interesting.

As for why I read this article in the first place, I had a really bad case of chicken pox as a kid. This articles says "infectious kids often have to stay home from school for five or six days." I had to stay home for 3 weeks -- and my parents were not being over-protective, I was just disgustingly sick. Stupid pox broke out in my mouth and ears. My whole family pretty much gawked at me, felt awful, and said they'd never seen anybody who had it that bad. These days people who stare at me long enough will notice the large hole in my face from one particularly gross breakout, plus the small ones on my forehead. I have odd little white marks various places too where things got infected or scars. I'm actually connected to the vaccine because they used to "mine" my blood for it when I donated. Not surprisingly, I have a lot of antibodies.

As far as the vaccine goes, I'm rather ambivalent. For more people, the disease is not going to knock them out like it did me. Also, the economics do sound shaky here.
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I'm wearing flip-flops today in hopes the blisters on my toes will recover. Actually I'd really like to have my slippers or at least socks on, as my feet are really cold, but if my toes don't get some air, they won't heal fast enough for NY. Stupid toes got blistered from me wearing open-toed shoes for maybe a 1/2 hour while running errands! Extra annoying since at the time my feet had just recovered from getting blistered on Friday from another pair of shoes. I don't think it's even my shoes' fault, I just have skin the toughness and thickness of wet tissue paper :(
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Switching channels at last

I'm proud of myself. I finally took the "Embarassing Early 90s Techno" CD out of the CD tray on my computer. This morning 2Unlimited started to sound good to me and at that point, I knew it was time to eject.

I was tempted to replace it with TechnoRave 2 but I willed myself to put in Dead Can Dance's Toward the Within, which does not have "The Riff" or "Whoo!" in it but does have a lot of Lisa Gerrard moaning and wailing. Gorgeous!
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