March 23rd, 2005

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I'm back in Atlanta

24 hours I was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, feeling great, now I'm my office with a headache. Can I have a time rewind?

LOTS of stuff I need to post about and I will soon, believe me...
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Trip Wind-down

Hi everybody!

While I'm not quite up to doing any kind of post on exactly what I've been up to the past 5-6 days, I do have a slew of bits and pieces I'll put out there, having to do with the trip as well as some other subsequent stuff.

Lunacon was a lot of fun and came off MUCH better than I'd expected! The only real "disaster" I can think of is Kate Bornstein cancelling at the last second, but everybody else turned up and did a great job, both as staff or guests. I also met a lot of cool new people, either for the first time in person or the first time ever. Most of the Grissecon panels seemed to be well-attended and we had some panels that offered some real content, debate, differences of opinion, etc. I think the best was the fanfic panel where this one woman was acting like the Arrogant Know-It-All of All Time. As far as non-"programming" stuff, once again we had multiple nights of all night talking, drinking and (second-hand) smoking in the Grissecon hotel rooms. Saturday night there was some stupid drama but thankfully it didn't involve me. We'll be back next year...

NYC was awesome awesome awesome awesome. My hotel was totally seedy and shady (um, cops/paramedics found a dead, decomposed body in it while I was there!), but totally safe and inhabitable -- clean sheets, working plumbing, cable TV, good location, etc. -- so I can't complain. Especially not at less than $100/night.

Most of my 2 1/2 days in Manhattan involved either walking or eating. I walked a LOT. I walked so much I got wobbly and managed to wipe out BIG TIME in the middle of Rockefeller Center, right in front of the RCA (GE) Building and kind of hurt myself, though not badly. I could easily have broken a leg, scraped my hands, wrecked my knee joints, etc., but all I really got was a scraped knee and a fit of dizziness and shock. And it was really embarassing -- 'cause a big tall woman crashing dramatically is a sight nobody misses.

The walking was good, since I ate and ate and ate -- Italian pastries, Jewish diner food, Japanese, and an amazing lunch a the European cafe at the Metropolitan museum. I brought home a large bag of Veniero's cookies, so I can continue the feasting here. And then they'll run out and I'll have to start the diet.

Other stuff I did in New York: Some shopping. Except for a very nice T-shirt, did not buy clothes. I did get a great Jewish pastry baking book and a couple of DVDs. For "touristy" things, I went up the ESB at night, spent 4-5 hours at the Metropolitan, and did 2-3 hours in Central Park. One other thing I'll say about my trip was that I was amazed how many of my "old haunts" were still there; I thought most of them would be closed after 8 years but no, they were still there. Sweet!

I spent a considerable amount of money, I'm sure, esp. since meals average around $20, but I really couldn't care about it since I can pretty much afford it, and last time I was in Manhattan I was a student and POOR!

Oh! And I got LOTS -- TONS! -- of pictures, which I'll be posting later, along with diary type posts with details of the convention and the trip.

Came home from NY and was walking up to my building, which was fronted by hordes of media trucks and reporters, since I live across the street from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Southeast region and the court was deciding on THAT legal case today. Gah. Caleb told me either Monday or yesterday there were protesters out there too and Pat Robertson did a press conference on the sidewalk outside my building.

Coming home to find your broadband network Internet access gone and not being able to figure out why is not cool. Especially when you have a lot of messages to download and about 50 MB worth of client material you have to download by FTP *tonight*. (Part of the reason I'm posting now is that I'm waiting for the download to complete on DIALUP, maybe an hour from now...) I called tech support for my provider but they couldn't figure out who holds the account my building has, so they couldn't help me. I'm waiting for the management company to help me out with an answer.

In actual GOOD coming home news, there were 3 packages that came: 2 books I'm reading for Outworlders book group and the Siouxsie Sioux video I order.

Other good mail: a huge check from the retirement home for the web site work. That makes up just about my entire income for the first quarter this year.
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My building in the news

As mentioned in the post I made immediately prior to this one, the whole Schiavo thing has spilled over into my life after the case moved to the Court of Appeals across from me. Well, just now I was reading the latest from the NY Times and found Collapse )


I guess every couple of years we have to have something like this. The whole Emilio Gonzales thing played out across the street, too.
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