March 25th, 2005

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Broadband withdrawal

I'm still on dial-up at home, thanks to some problem I apparently have no power to fix. Need to call the provider again and this time give them the number for building management, who "worked out" the problem Wedesnday. Something was supposed to happen but I've seen no change.

I just spent an HOUR downloading a 13 MB file from a client's FTP site. I would have waited on it but they need the work done now. Argh! Now I need to UPLOAD that file. I think I'll take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, read the paper, feed the birds, etc. while the upload occurs. Then I'll still have to sit here waiting on it.

There are lots of other things I have to do that are taking a long, long time or are un-doable. I'm managing to do some stuff but a lot of it, have to say f' it.

Well, called the provider and they still can't help me because I don't have an account number and w/o that they have no idea what account we're talking about. They don't have any record of any name or company associated with my building. I left a msg. with our bldg. mgt. saying "Please fix!" but I don't know if they've called me back since I've been on my phone line all morning. In fact I just missed my allergy appt. b/c internet slowness made a job take too long and I ran out of time. Guess I'll be going in Monday :(
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Maybe it WON'T take nukes to ruin us

I know I've been called an extremist behind my back, esp. for some of my views on cars, suburban sprawl, etc. However, personally I don't think I'm extreme at all and it's really extreme ignorance or lack of info which is allowing for so many people to think so.

Anyway, while I was away Atlanta's weekly Creative Loafing published this GREAT editorial talking about a new movie called The End of Suburbia (which I must see!) and related issues, like how the suburbs are going to becoming the ghetto once the oil crisis really hits.

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BTW, I do realize the oil crisis affects more than just cars, but also things like plastics, the running of my building's elevator, air traffic, etc. It's a huge-scale crisis, when the oil runs out, but it's probably the auto-oriented lifestyle that is going to take the first hit. Cars are useful tools, but unfortunately a whole way of life was foolishly built around them.

One other thing is boy, oh boy, would I like to write some good fiction related to this. It just BEGS for spec fic!
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Attn. Yahoo Groups users


They threw the switch within the past couple of hours, I'd say.

So far, I like the fact that my Yahoo Groups homepage tells me how many new messages are in each group, w/o me having to actually go look. Efficiency!