March 26th, 2005

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What's up with Wendy?

Haven't been posting much, mainly because while I've had my dial-up running for hours every day since I got back (yes, those s.o.b.'s are STILL "working on it"), somehow the whole net-slow-as-molasses situation makes LJ posting less palatable. But anyway, just to catch up with some stuff...

  1. I've got a ton of great pics from NYC. I'll be posting them soon, I hope. It will just take a while to resize and then upload them all. I think I may have 4-5 posts worth of stuff!

  2. It's time for diet and exercise. I managed to outgrow the one pair of pants that still fit me and am (as Caleb put it tonight) "fat all over." At over 200 lbs. with a preference for tight clothes, I'm just not looking like I want to look. My fantasy weight is 170, which I haven't seen in about 8 years, but if I can get to 185 and stay there I'll be happy b/c practically all my clothes will fit. It will even match the weight listed on my driver's license!

    As for what I'm doing to make this all happen, I got myself a workout outfit (new outfits always cause me to want to wear them), am now committed to either a workout in the room downstairs or a long walk (2-3 miles) every day. Yesterday I only did 30 min. workout, but afterward Caleb and I walked to 10th St. and back so that was like 3 miles. Today we went on a bike ride that I guess was like 4-5 miles, not really sure.

    Of course, the other big part of the effort is controlling what I eat. I really have to get away from the continual self-indulgence, snacking and "treats" I was into. I'm back to eating simple foods, cooking at home rather than eating out so much, and everything is going to be from Moosewood cookbooks or vegetarian. No more meat! Meat is a good thing to cut because even when it's "lean" it's usually eaten with something that's fattening. I've basically been a "bad vegetarian" for a long time, not having meat at home but eating it now and then when I'm out. Between the health and ethnical issues, it's going to have to go, with the exception of visits back home or to Europe.

    With a lot of work, I can look good again by the time I go to Italy in July!

  3. I may be looking like an overstuffed couch, but apparently I can still turn heads. Last night and today I'm wearing what I call "ho oufits," with the high black boots, red tights slit down the side, miniskirt, tight top, giant plastic earrings, poofy red hair and bright red lipsticks. I've had black men stumbling over themselves, nearly getting into car accidents, hooting, calling, and making some rather obscene comments I find amusing. (I'm not out by myself, so what do I care what they say?) Oh, and today at Five Points some woman kept saying "Look at that ho!" OK, I guess mission accomplished. *I* think I look good, and the irony is sooooooooo great!

  4. I seem to have a LOT of stuff on my plate as far editing for as Immanion Press goes. I'm proofing a manuscript now and then I'm doing a full edit of the second book in Fiona McGavin's Dream and a Lie trilogy. I also have another MS I have to "appraise" and today a got a rought version of Don Hardy's autiobiographical novel, which will eventually be a full book I'll be editing. That's a whole lot of work, but I love it and the royalties I get for all this editing seem to be adding up more and more all the time.

  5. I also have a ton of writing projects and ideas. In addition to Tarimur, I've got a Wraeththu novella I've basically committed to doing. I've also got several Wraeththu fan fic ideas, including one set at Forever that, who knows, might become a novella depending on how deep I get into the plot. A ton of original story ideas have popped into my head recently too, including one with an androgyne alien who comes to earth and takes on the role of man or woman in order to understand what gender is about.

  6. Managed to trash my house in a matter of only a few days. When I got back Wednesday it was clean, now the main room is pretty much wrecked and the others are covered in piles of clothes and shoes. I hope to address some of this tomorrow.

  7. Called Mom last Monday and Dad last Tuesday and apparently Dad is doing a lot better. Being home really agrees with him. Dad is also pleased that switching to a new therapist has meant he's regaining the ability to swallow so he can hopefully start eating soon! I'm thinking of using my AirTran A-Plus rewards and visiting them in May on a Thurs-Monday trip. I can get a free one-way, so it'll only be like $89 or something.

  8. Yesterday I deposited my largest ever client check, for like $6000, which was the remaining balance for the retirement home project. Considering Metro Girl barely got paid in Jan. or Feb. and I also got several other checks this month, come April when I pay myself I will feel nicely financially secure. Which will last three months, but that's OK since Caleb assures me his company has tons of work for me and I will probably still be working for Ga Tech (now, with a higher rate!).

  9. Aside from last Wednesday, when I had an unexplained breakdown at Newark Airport, I seem to have been practically depression-free for the past two weeks. I think starting exercise now may prevent it from come back so forcefully... I hope!

There are lots of other things I could write about -- things have really been happening lately! -- but for now I'll say au revoir.
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