March 27th, 2005

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NYC: Day 1 with Lots of Pictures

Here I begin my New York City diary, covering my little trip, lasting Sunday night through Wednesday morning. There will be a LOT of pictures. Sunday night's pictures are almost all showing either the Empire State Building or showing views from the 86th floor Observatory, and actually I didn't do much except go there, but still little bit of "diary" as preface.

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More diary and pictures tomorrow!
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Sometimes I wonder what my social life would look like without Caleb and Daniel.

Thursday night...
- we all went to the new Target on Moreland Ave.

Friday night...o
- we met up at the neighborhood Happy Hour at Murrell's restaurant
- Caleb and I took a walk up to 10th St. and back, visiting Outwrite

- we all took the bus up to Alon's bakery and had breakfast
- Caleb and I went biking for around 2 hours
- we all took the train to East Point and went to Oz Pizza
- all of us hung out at my place watching TV

- Caleb and I are going to the Easter service at Sacred Heart.
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Wait, what's that sound?!

Well, since once again the fussy mods at mock_the_stupid* don't think my story is a truly funny mock, let me tell you all a story of dumbness:

I was flipping through the local paper from my hometown in Massachusetts and got to the police blotter. It was all pretty standard stuff, like people complaining about noise, shoplifting at the drug store, etc., and then there was this one report, which I *so* wish I'd cut out!

The report read basically like so:
At 5:30 a.m., a woman on ABC Road contacted police about a large truck repeatedly passing through her neighborhood and making a lot of noise. According to the woman, it sounded as though the truck was dragging a large piece of metal on the road surface. As the call was made during a snowstorm, the officer told the woman it was likely a snowplow.


* They really do seem arbitrary. They have let through far less funny mocks. There are multiple mods and personally I think one of them is a grump.
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Easter blues

It's Sunday, it's pouring, I've got Sinead O'Connor blasting and surprise, surprise, I feel rather depressed, complete with the start of a headache. Got all those "voices" in my head saying really mean, negative stuff about me and life in general. I've been trying to overcome it all by cleaning the house, which is completely contrary to my impulses, and so far I'm about 3/4 done.

On the sunny side of the street (well, sort of) this morning Caleb and I went to Easter services at Sacred Heart. Despite the fact I have not one iota of faith or belief in the basic Christian doctrines (resurrection, everlasting life, sin, immaculate conception, etc.) and also find the Roman Catholic church creepy and intolerant, I actually enjoyed the services. As usual, I found the mass rituals fascinating, spent time studying the architecture, liked all the singing and the prayers, especially when everybody says "trespasses" at the same time, sounding like some huge hundred-headed serpent :) A few times during the service I wondered if it was disrespectful for somebody like that to even be there, but seeing as I have my own faith and try and do good in the world (that is what I learned from my upbringing in a church), I figured God or whatever would understand. I probably won't be in a church again 'til Christmas. I'll worship other things and do rituals but none of it will have to do with a guy dying on a cross.
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Temptation just a click away

Veniero's, my favorite food joint in New York, now offers online ordering through their web site! OMG! Delivery is available nationwide. Although it's not possible to order specific cookies, they'll send you a mix of "favorites" in varying sizes. Plus you can order different cakes, like cheesecake, almond torte, etc. I am SO doing that some day. It's true that here in Atlanta we have Alon's, but it seems like the two shops' menus don't overlap much. Web site duly bookmarked, that's for sure!
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