March 28th, 2005

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There's a reason I'm quiet

I'm still in net connection Hell. And it's getting worse. Been told by bldg. management that "problem is solved" and has been since Friday, but that's not helping me. Furthermore, it seems like there's no way for me to get individual help; the company just tells mgt. "Well, your building is online" and magically that's supposed to mean everybody's net is working. I am going to explode.

In other news, every time I try and run Outlook, it's Not Responding. So I can't even SEE my mail, let alone send or receive it. Great. And my phone is busy so nobody can reach me. Cool!

Well, as soon as I emailed tech support in a last-ditch attempt, I did a restart (another last-ditch effort!) and somehow my net came back. Outlook is STILL dead, however. I'm now in Microsoft software patch hell. There are some upgrades and fixes that might address the problem but I'm afraid to install anything, I swear... I'll wait 'til tomorrow and seee if it's still broken. How it broke in the first place, I have no idea.
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Little joys

I'm so excited broadband and Outlook are back I keep visiting web site after web site and checking my email over and over.
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Forget this book

Outworlders book group's April pick is Grunts by Mary Gentle. It's a humorous fantasy spoof starring really dumb Orcs who find a load of modern-day military gear. I got the book cheap through ABE and started reading it a few days ago. I decided today to stop, and consequently sent out a note to the group, which reads in part:

Does anybody need a copy of next month's book Grunts? I have the book but after reading the first 50 pages, I'm pretty positive I don't need this book :>(

I mean, the 50 pages was painful and the book is like 500 pages long. I have so many more intriguing things to read -- Octavia Butler, several non-fiction books, Mary Renaults The Persian Boy, etc. Why waste my time on something that might be funny as a short story, only extended into novel length?

I bet anything the group thinks it's hilarious. They enjoyed Terry Pratchett's Monstrous Regiment, which is similar. And they hated Lost Souls, in part because it was too dark and violent. (Grunts is also violent but it's "funny" so it's OK I guess.)

Moving on... and hoping May's book, Sexual Generations about gender on ST:TNG is fun. I think it will be!
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Since my niece is arriving Thursday and I'm missing that day's worth of work at my Ga Tech job, I decided to come in for a half-day today and plan on Wednesday morning as well. Nobody even asked me to, but I don't want to fall behind and seeing as they just upped my pay, may as well get some!

I wound up using my time to take care of the most tedious, banal jobs I could think of. Just now I took these 6 HTML-formatted pages worth of stupid spreadsheets and put them into a whole new HTML page. I would have just copied the code, but the whatever program generated the original did a separate table for every row and some horrible code. Blech. It took me 2 hours to convert the pages :(

Adding to the banality and sense of distaste was the fact it was a spreadsheet of some of GTRI's major "contract vehicles," complete with sponsor, etc.

Among agencies & companies named:

General Electric
NSA (National Security Agency)
Oak Ridge National Labs

And for types of work named:

Advanced Weapon Research
Exploitation of Comm Systems
Threat Simulator Support
Missile System Design
Homeland Defense Technologies
Exploitation of Foreign Systems

Gee, you'd never guess GTRI does defence work, would you?! LOL

Blah. Going home now.