March 29th, 2005

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The Persian Boy

Now that I got Grunts out of the way (yes, degruy it's on it's way), I decided to give in to temptation and read the newest book I got to read. I've got several piles of books in the to-be-read pile, some of them having waited probably three years, but the temptation of The Persian Boy could not be resisted. And after 30 pages, I have to say, "Damn, this rocks!" Unsurprisingly, it reminds me of Storm's novella The Thorn Boy; I say "unsurpisingly" since I know Storm loves the book. Beautiful prose, so finely drawn.
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Snowed under, only without the snow

So I've been working all day and now I'm going to work all night. Fun. Man, am I going to get dull if this continues!

The day work was frustrating and then, when I figured out the problem I was having, it got boring. The only thing that bugged me in the end was I couldn't create this drop-down menu our customer wants, even though I have the code of a site that uses it (and it's one of our own). Other than that, I got a lot of requests from people to post this form or this news item or this spreadsheets, which I did by rote. I was there 'til 7 AGAIN and once again missed the bus (I usually take a bus home, though I walk there) and had to walk. Which wasn't bad since it let me read more Mary Renault, but I was tired.

I'm still tired, but boy, can't let that get to me, since I've got quite a few projects. I'm designing and putting online a web site and a Visual Preference Survey; it's another of those project sites I do for Caleb's company, only this time, I had only a couple days' notice. It's a smaller survey than usual but I bet it'll take me 3 hours anyway. After that I'd like to finish another web site the client would like up ASAP; I did a bunch of it last night, just a matter of another hour I guess. And I have some site edits for various clients to do.

Blah. I'd rather read, exercise, write, edit, but it's like tonight I have no choice. I hate when this happens.
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10 Things

I have work to do (um, yeah!) but because I feel like it, I'm repeating the

10 Things I've Done You Probably Haven't.

  1. Had intestinal worms. More than once. (Yeah, you're all jealous, admit it.)
  2. Made handprints on the living room ceiling without using a ladder.
  3. Hung out with a tipsy City Councilwoman and her girlfriend. (Woman is now Council Prez.)
  4. Gone to a fancy meet & greet at the National Press Club.
  5. Eaten appetizers and drunk alcohol in the lobby of the Holocust Museum in Washington.
  6. Done work for the National Security Agency (NSA). (Can't tell you what, LOL.)
  7. Hand-coded 700-800 page manuals into HTML. (Green with envy, all of you, I'm sure.)
  8. Recorded own version of first 2 eps of "Hitchhiker's," doing all voices and sound effects.
  9. Produced an educational video for a major electric company.
  10. Found leeches in my bra, after swimming in wild river in underwear. 20-30 leeches elsewhere on body. They actually don't bother me much but I was like, "I thought it was the fish biting me!"

I'm in a weird mood I guess.
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Gasping from beneath waves

God, I am SO tired and still not done this survey thing. True, I could have started working on it before 9:30, but I didn't get home 'til 7:30 and plunging into work again? Not happening. I should be done in about 1/2 hour with the survey. Then I can do the actual web site (using a template from a previous site, obviously). Then, bed.

I was planning on going in to Ga Tech tomorrow for the morning, but I predict I will sleep 'til 9 and feel like shit. But... I probably will go. Then in afternoon I can do a bit more cleaning in prep for my niece, go grocery shopping, and also try *maybe* to finish this other project I have due. And if I am very VERY lucky, I'll get to actually EDIT or WRITE. Just getting POUNDED lately!
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