March 30th, 2005

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My scrape on my knee I got from falling down in the middle of Rockefeller Center a week ago still hasn't all the way healed. I'm such a dork.

Also, I still haven't posted my pictures (or related the story of me crashing in front of the RCA Building). I predict one night when my niece Ashley is here, she'll stay up speedreading some of the books I have here and while she does that, I can post my pictures.
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So I'm done. Finally. Yay. Couple hundred bucks. Normally these jobs are for a set fee higher than this, but this is a small survey (2 dozen questions and 46 images to rate) and the web site is only like 2 pages, so we arranged it to be hourly.

Meanwhile Caleb's got quite a lot more work lined up for me with the company he works for, TSW, including:

1) re-do of company web site
2) maintainence of several project web sites
3) building several new project web sites and image preference surveys, starting in May

Also, tonight he was talking to one of the company's biggest biz associates, a builder, and they are interested in talking with me about re-doing their web site. I'm sure if I got that job it would be my biggest contract ever. And I totally LOVE this builder -- they build gorgeous, high-quality, environmentally responsible early 20th century single family and townhouses! Knowing the wonderful *feel* of their homes (been in quite a few!), if I do wind up working with them, I will definitely get rid of this look -- yuck, real estate cheese! Their homes are so warm and nice; a site should really convey that rather than looking like all the other suburban real estate ads.

And now, I think anyway, to bed.
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The media trucks are outside my building again to cover the latest Schiavo development, i.e. back to the federal appeals court. What do they think they can achieve at this point?!

Meanwhile I slept 'til 9 and feel really sore. Just had to spend 1/2 hour doing edits on my work last night. I guess I will have breakfast, then go to GTRI and work there until I get hungry for lunch, then go home again. I have some graphics I'm supposed to do for one of our developers.
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Feeding tubes

So in the past two months...

My dad's had a feeding tube; still does and is having therapy so he can ditch it.
Storm's dad had one too briefly, I believe.
Terri Schiavo had one, now doesn't.
The Pope just got one in his nose.

My nephew Will has been fed through a tube into his stomach for several years now.

Maybe I'm just orally fixated but what a yucky thing.
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Clueless coworkers

So Tonette's been on the phone talking to a to a potential candidate for my job. Rolling my eyes continuously as she over and over displays total ignorance of what my job really is! Argh! I hope if we hire him (from hearing her side of the phone conversation, sounds really good!) *I* get to train him and explain stuff, not *her*, or he's going to be wicked confused about his position!
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Monkeys in charge

Tonette is such a ditz! She tells me today the group is buying some software that'll help us do slick menus in DHTML, JavaScript, etc. Awesome, I tell her! Then she tells me the software costs $1000. WTF? There are hundreds of shareware menu-building software tools and Dreamweaver extensions, some of them very excellent. "Oh, no," she says, "this one has like 30 different features!" How many times have I TOLD her you can get a shareware tool / script or whatever for cheap, only to be told, "Oh, it can't be good if it's cheap!" Plus on this occasion, she buys this tool without even asking ME about it, and I'm one of the people who will be using it. I'm about to download the trial version; I bet it sucks! If I were King of the Forest, this would so not be going down!
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South Park

Just HOW does South Park manage to be so PRESCIENT!?!?

Tonight's brand new ep was about Kenny dying, then being revived but caught in a vegetative state and fed by a feeding tube, which there's a battle about, involving the news media, Heaven, Hell... with very specific parallels to the Schiavo case! Do they make the show the week before it airs?

Loved the fact that Hell was battling for Kenny to live, Heaven battling for him to die, and that the Evil Emperor of Hell uses the Republicans to do his bidding. ROTFLMAO.