April 1st, 2005

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Today I was pretty much busy with the whole niece visiting thing.

Enjoyed a rather lazy morning then went to airport. Arrived at 12 to discover 12:23 arrival had suddenly switched to a 1:51 arrival. Got steamed milk and read a book, then got lunch, then found out new arrival time was 2:30. Ashley finally emerged at the top of the arrivals escalator just before 3. The whole thing would've been a drag except I had The Persian Boy with me so I had good reading.

Took the train up and we talked a lot, which we pretty much continued to do all day. Made really good pizza for a late lunch, then went out around the neighborhood. Main places we visited were CNN Center (including the Turner Store) and the park. She seemed to enjoy it. Back in my building there was a special party / free theater ticket deal going on. I didn't feel like going to the theater tonight and neither did she, so we got a bit of free food and enjoyed the 15th floor views. After that I made us a Southern supper, with tomato & okra stew, spicy sweet potatoes and cornbread. It was gooood.

We watched TV, listened to CDs and ended up talking about fan fiction, fantasy books, music, manga. I strongly suspect Ashley is very suprised to learn her aunt digs fan fiction. I'm just way cooler than her mom, ya know ;) Actually I'm 13 years older than Ashley and her mom is 12 years old than me, so I'm right in between their ages and kinda of "bridge the gap."

One icky details Ashley told me about my sister is that she now has a job where they force women to wear makeup. She has an upper management job and as the only woman she is required to put on "the works" on the job. Ugh. So nasty for a company to have that policy (either legally or de facto), esp. when the men are all allowed to look old b/c they're simply "distinguished."

Anyway, I'm very tired now and am going to bed (maybe after another chapter of P. B.
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Proof I have a teenager in the house

The following conversation amused me:

Me: So what do you want to do, have a shower or have breakfast?
Ashley: Have breakfast.
Me: OK, what do you want?
Ashley: ...
Me: There's Total (with soy milk), oatmeal, rye bread, raisin bread, English muffins... or eggs if you want, though I never have eggs for breakfast.
Ashley: ...
Me: So... what would you like?
Ashley: Leftovers!
Me: Oh! OK, well, if you want pizza for breakfast, that's cool.
Ashley: [Immediately takes yesterday's pizza and puts it in the mircowave...]

Me laid back? Never!
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Oooh, the anticipation!

Caleb is going to play the biggest joke on me today, I just know it. For him every day is April Fool's and I've been "gotten" so many times it's absurd. I bet today the whopper will be so big I won't even see it!
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The corruption/enlightenment begins...

I'm such a good aunt. I just got Ashley instantly addicted to Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner series! He he. And no, she doesn't know the lead characters, both men, end up together. Wheeeee!

We talked books last night and I pointed out the books on the shelf and this morning she apparently pulled it out when she woke up earlier than I did and needed something quiet to do. She's a speedreader so she's on page 100 now I guess.
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OK, OK, so today (with all the obsessive discussion of dying people) might not be a good day for a funny... or maybe it is. In any case, The Onion does it again!

Bush Launches Preemptive Attack On Social Security
"My fellow citizens, at this hour, brave administration and congressional forces are in the early stages of an all-out attack on Social Security, with the ultimate goal of bringing down the oppressive legacy of the New Deal, and big government itself," Bush said. "Through bold and decisive action, we will liberate our grandparents and our grandchildren from the threats of the system established by Franklin D. Roosevelt to provide retirement compensation for America's workers."

Satire is SO useful, I swear!
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Ack! Jumping Buttons!

Um... anybody else get the jumping LJ button when they update? I just hit Update Journal and the button moved around and then switched to one saying "Processing Whining."

Jokes on April 1st. What's the world coming to?!

Reminds me of my mom and how she liked to install this program on DOS that would make letters fall off the page. One time she installed it right when I had to write a paper for school. She wasn't around to turn off the program so I had to write my report with letters piling up at the bottom of the screen.

I'm now going to hit the button again and see it wiggle!
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Adventures with niece

Well, first full day with the niece went very well!

Both of us slept late, missing the opportunity for breakfast at the French cafe downstairs, so instead we each had our own breakfast (she pizza, as I posted earlier) and then I took care of my monthly bills while she enjoyed Luck in the Shadows.

Around 11 we headed over to the World of Coca-Cola, which after my third time there is not too captivating. I did enjoy the section with all the early and mid 20th century cheesecake advertising. I would love to have a bathing beauty drinking Coke on my wall! Sadly the gift shop didn't have any posters, though they offer just about any other kind of merchandise you can imagine.

Caleb and our mutual friend Eleanor were having lunch at the French cafe, which I had planned on for lunch anyway, so we met up. I had the special, which was a delicious sea bass; normally I don't go for fish but they'd given me a sample and it was wonderful. Plus, I'm now following USDA diet guidelines and I should be eating fish, especially since I won't be eating any meat (not b/c of the guidelines, just becuase I'm being vegetarian again). Excellent!

Ashley and I both chilled out for a couple hours after that. She kept reading, while I invoiced various clients and kept on with The Persian Boy. Finally Caleb called and asked if we'd like to go "motoring" in the hour before he had to return his rental car. We met him at his place and took a spin around town, going through Marietta Street, Atlantic Station, Midtown, Virginia-Highland, Candler Park, L5P, the Old Fourth Ward, and then home. He did commentary through he whole trip, mostly urban planning and development notes.

We agreed to have dinner out in Decatur, so after a bit of time resting, we went over to Daniel's, who'd offered to drive us out there, since he goes out there anyway on Fridays for volleyball. When we got there Daniel was wearing a sarong, which I thought was great b/c Ashley got to see :) He looked awesomely distinctly, in a good way. The trip out to Decatur was quick and after bye bye to Daniel (with kiss, don't what A. thought of that!), we went to Tacqueria del Sol and had their awesome tacos. Next we went into the wonderful upscale kitchen accessories shop on Church Street, where Ashley found a nice home library bookplate set.

We took the train to Five Points originally thinking we'd go home, but then Caleb got the idea of going somewhere else. I suggested to B&N on 5th St., since Ashley is such a reader, and the trains were running nice and quick so we made it up there no trouble. We spent around a 1/2 hour there and then came home again. Ashley's done with the manga book she bought and is now about 1/2 way through the book she started this morning.

Tomorrow's plan: Alon's the morning, with C & D; Little Five Points; dinner at Golden Buddha; Caleb's b.day party w/cake (Caleb's 30). Also, I may take Ashley to see The Animation Show 2005 over at GSU.

One note from tonight: We were on the train coming back from Decatur and the following conversation ensued:

Caleb: So, Ashley, what does the Darling family say about Wendy?
Ashley: ... Um...
Caleb: Do they think she's crazy?
Ashley: *nods* Yeah... Well, OK, not crazy, but different.


Oh, and Caleb says Ashley looks like she could be my kid. Aaaarghgh! It's funny because people often thought my sisters were MY mom!
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