April 4th, 2005

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I'm not surprised by this, y'all*

City Southerner
Congratulations! You scored 75!
Sugar, you are southern but, poor thing, you have been exposed to too many northern ways. You won’t be seen with the bars in stars parading around on the back of ur truck. Still, you’re in very good southern shape. You are respectful and kind and enjoy a simpler way of life now and then. You enjoy home cookin’ too. All I can say is stay true to ur southern ways and enjoy life
My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
You scored higher than 37% on southernpoints
Link: The Southerner test Test written by stjude579 on Ok Cupid

I think the main reason I even scored this high is that there are certain things I've just adjusted to and I have TRIED some kinds of food, even if I don't even them regularly.

* I do *not* use "y'all" in my speech. Or "you guys" or anything. It's just "you."
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Diet update

Well, doing the USDA diet seems to be working. I find myself hungry for meals, rather than just sort of eating all day long! He he. Also of note, I've found it actually *difficult* to eat as much as the 1600-calorie/day recommendations call for -- odd since my normal "requirements" are supposedly like 2500 and I'm sure I was meeting that before. I guess if you eat truly good-for-you food though, you actually can eat more than you imagine. So overall, not a very traumatizing diet but I hope successful.
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New desk companion

Out with Ashley in Little Five Points Saturday, I picked up a very nice brass, 9" cobra-shaped incense burner. I hesitated before buying it (slightly cheesy, if cheap), but in the end I'm glad I did because it looks totally cool on my desk (newly cleaned and arranged) and I like the idea of a mysterious snake emitting clouds of smoke (as demo'd tonight).

Here's a picture of a burner close to what I have:


The cobra joins an interesting "crowd" on my desk: ouija-board mousepad, large scarab, chunk of amethyst, Edgan Allan Poe action figure, brass Egyptian-style vase, brass cup, dragon design incense stick holder, beeswax candle, Virgin & Child candle lamp, and three empty alcohol bottles stuffed with lit purple candles. A bit of a mini ritual space. I use most of the gear only while writing, so I guess that *is* a ritual.