April 5th, 2005

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NYC Pics -- Here's the flood!

At long last, more picures! I'm going to post pictures in groups, according to area or subject, rather than chronologically.

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I still have to post my travel notes for the two days, which I will, since they were very interesting.
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Work gremlins and stupid people

Well, work today has been, *sigh*, one of those days.

Came in and found my desktop machine's power supply had died / flaked out. So I couldn't even turn the computer on. I called tech and they said they'd have somebody on it.

Meanwhlie I went over to the other machine I use, to do WebTrends reports, and the monitor died on me.

I got on one of the co-op's machines so I could at least do email. Next, since I had nothing else I could do, I worked with a DHTML menu building program, to see if it could solve a problem I have. It did, but the trial version doesn't fully function, so I'd have to buy it ($99). I can't since Tonette just bought a program that supposedly does this -- for $1000. Downloading this other program, which we already bought, I decided to test it out and guess what? It sucks! I cannot FATHOM how or why they laid out $1000 for a menu making problem that 1) 5-10 times more expensive than most, 2) doesn't even have a menu-building wizard but relies on a text file and 3) has horrible "documentation." But it doesn't surprise me at all, since Tonette probably just ran a Google search and bought the first thing she found. She's never used Download.com or CGI-Resources Index or anything that might actually give her good tools for little money. And now we have to do deal with a program I can *barely* understand -- and which will be incomprehensible to her since it requires you to edit code.

Around 1 I sent out a note saying I was going home due to the malfunctions, but just as I was leaving tech showed up. The monitor on the WebTrends machine was switched out and somehow he got my desktop working and not crashing. Ho hom. So I have to stay now.

Jeeeeeeeeez. I'm going to lunch now so I an eat and read Bridge to Terebithia (yes, I'm rereading a childhood favorite, which I asked for for Xmas and got).
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I got hit on by a European!

OK, Real Life situation, just happened:

Setting: Plaza between Peachtree & Broad, next to the Flatiron Building. I've just gotten off the phone with Caleb. My outfit is bright pink/black/white shirt from Germany, crushed velvet short skirt and b&w tights from Germany. I'm turning to head back into my building when...

Euro Man: Hi.
Wiebke (turning to see who it is, then not recognizing man): Hi...
Euro Man (staring at me intently): Where are you from?
Wiebke: Oh... I'm from here actually. I live right over there.
Euro Man: Ah. I'm from Europe.
Wiebke (raising eyebrow at "Europe"): Oh, are you visiting?
Euro Man: Yes, I'm here on business.
Wiebke: Oh.
Euro Man (eyeing me like I'm a hooker): I like your clothes.
Wiebke (getting nervous): Thanks. I got a lot of it in Germany. I travel to Germany a lot.
Euro Man: I see. Well, what are you doing now?
Wiebke: I was just going to go home actually.
Euro Man (looking disappointed): Why don't you come have a drink with me?
Wiebke: I'm sorry, I don't think so.
Euro Man: But why not?
Wiebke: Oh, I don't know... Just too random
Euro Man: Oh. Well, farewell then!

(I exit stage right, he exits stage left)

Now tell me, people, thoughts? My rationale for saying no to this guy was he's a strange guy who a) could think I'm really a hooker, b) could just be dangerous in general or get me into an uncomfortable situation. Also, as Caleb likes to say, I say "No" a lot purely for defense purpose. Alas, part of me says I should have said yes, since the guy was really well dressed, handsome and probably would've taken me to Luxe or City Grille. Oh, and he could be a prince of some obscure country! LOL.

I guess I really do dress like a hooker (a crazy German one from Hamburg) sometimes. Oh well.
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Saul Bellow

Saul Bellow died today*.

I saw the headline but it was a while before I remembered what I had read of his: Henderson the Rain King. It was his first book. My teacher Mr. Evans made us read it somewhere around the same time as Hemingway. The whole book seemed like a parody of Hemingway. Meanwhie the title of his first novel, Dangling Man always cracked me up, because I have a dirty mind.

* Look, I'm ripping off Camus!</i>
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Today I read Bridge to Terabithia, one of my favorite children's books.

I don't think I read it more than once and that must have been at least 20 years ago. What a wonderful book. It's even better than I remember, seeing as not only does it still retain the same qualities that drew me to it as a kid, but it has a lot of subtleties in it that I completley missed as that age.

For example, the entire issue of class, with Jess' family being so poor and Leslie's family being wealthy but doing the "Simple Life" thing in an old farmhouse, didn't hit me nearly the way it did reading it today. I guess back then I didn't really know the type of folks Leslie's family epitomized and more identified with Jess, thinking he was like me and other kids I knew from the Vale.

Another subtlety in the book has to do with the pressures Jess feels to conform to standards of masculinity, whether at school or at home, and how this struggle just eats him up. I'm not a boy so nobody ever told me my drawing was stupid, silly or a "waste of time," so I guess it makes me feel for him all the more.

Of course the part of the story that still gets me are all the scenes set in "Terabithia," which remind me so poignantly of all the days, often afternoon after afternoon, I spent in the woods out behind my house, just me and my dog, imagining, running, hatching dreams. Back when I first read this, I was still making those trips (which continued until I left home) and it was all fresh; now the book brings it back to me.

The book is often said to be depressing and tearjerker but, though it did bring tears to my eyes to read that whole "No!" section, I find the book totally uplifting. It's a story that shows how much of an affect one person can have on another. Leslie is a huge turning point in Jess' life, opening doors, windows, letting in air, ideas, and pleasures the boy never knew existed. What a gift he got.

I'm really glad my mom got me this book for Xmas. She thought it was odd I'd put a kid's book on my wish list, but I did.
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i just did a survey for amazon and will get a $5 gift certificate. seeing as i just got a $10 certificate for filling out a survey for my web hosting company, i feel like i should find some more surveys to fill out... the kind that earn amazon gift certificates :)

recent additions to wendy's amazon "wish list"
- all mary renault
- the color purple (book)
- forbidden planet
- 4-5 woody allen movies I love
- that's entertainment trilogy giftset
- splendor in the grass (wonderful movie w/natalie wood & warren beaty as teens)

there are 101 items on my list right now... literally.
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Causes of death

I don't know if it's because I just read two books in a row where one of the main characters suddenly dies, but I'm thinking about death. Hmmm. Well, plus the Schiavo thing, the Pope, Frank Purdue, the Pope, several people I know being put on feeding tubes...

Anyway, on a related note, causes of death for various members of my family:

Great-grandmother (paternal): brain cancer
Grandmother (paternal): cancer & diabetes, age 70
Grandfather (paternal): cancer & diabetes, age 70
Aunt (paternal): cancer & diabetes, age late 50s

Grandmother (maternal): stroke, age 79
Grandfather (paternal): cancer, age 75

My dad and his brother both have diabetes (and heart diseases). I'm pretty sure my dad recently told me Uncle Billy has cancer of some kind, which is pretty much par for the course for his family (see above). My dad is really worried that's next for him. Ugh -- like diabetes, eating problems, broken hip, past heart disease and lousy kidneys isn't enough :(
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Pink jerseys

Now THIS is bizarre:

Arkansas nixes offensive pink jerseys
Arkansas coach Houston Nutt has decided that his players who are caught loafing will no longer wear pink jerseys during practices in an effort to avoid offending breast cancer survivors.

Um, is it me or does this article skip over the part where the coach IS using pink to imply that loafers are sissies? As in loafer = sissy = girly pink!

Not that I find that offensive exactly, 'cause hell, getting offended over the color of the equivalent of a dunce cap is lame.