April 6th, 2005

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Diet update

Saying this, I feel like one of the public health propaganda brochures I used to put online, but... since last week when I printed out the USDA recommendations for daily nutrition (types of food, servings per day, etc.) and adjusted my diet accordingly, I have felt a lot better!

What stuns me is that I chose to follow the recommendations for 1600-calorie a day and find it hard to eat as much as recommended, given the fact the food listed isn't high calorie stuff (i.e. no butter, pastries, stinky cheese, cake, candy, etc.) It's takes a LOT of fruit, vegies, whole grains, etc. to make it to 1600 calories. I'm sure I was having 2500-cal. a day before. I feel sure that by the end of this month I will see a significant weight loss. How I long to wear pants...