April 7th, 2005

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So two things today:

1) My oldest sister, Nancy, arrived this afternoon from upstate New York. She's at a child development conference up the street at the Marriott and is staying in my building, first in the guest suite, then this weekend in my living room. As usual, we got on fabulously. I was able to get us free dinner at Murrell's since I just did work for the owner (revision to menus) and he tends to pay me in free food. She liked the fried green tomatoes :) Tomorrow morning we're meeting for breakfast at the French cafe downstairs. I don't think crepes fit into my diet, so I'll have to figure out what to eat. In the evening or Saturday I want to be sure to take her to Baraonda, my fav restaurant.

BTW, Nancy and I are similar in a lot of ways, but she is way more disciplined I guess -- has 3 degrees from Cornell, is a professor (currently at Bard, new job at Oberlin) and a 17-page long Curriculum Vita (academic resume) that's really intimidating! Check out her web site (and click on Vita to get the PDF of her C.V.). It's interesting stuff if you're into childhood development, esp. adolescent.

2) After my sister went to start off her conference, I went with Caleb to Georgia Tech, where his idol/mentor, neo-urbanist "God" Andrés Duany gave a lecture. Like Caleb, I'm a huge fan of this man and having seen a few of his presentations on tape and read his stuff in magazines and journals, I knew what to expect. He didnt disappoint! The funny thing about hearing all this vanguard neo-urban stuff is that nothing is really new to me, as it's all exactly the same things Caleb says -- even the same attitude. Speaking tonight, he reminded me mainly of Caleb, but also a few times of Daniel, in the sorts of remarks he makes.

Afterward Caleb went off with an elite group of planners, architects, plus Duany to dinner at the home of the dean of architecture. Apparently it was a very good evening. I was amused by this bit of dialog Caleb related to me:

Duany: I saw you in the audience, near the front with your friend with the red hair. She kept laughing and you were poking one another.
Caleb: Yeah, that's my friend Wendy. She was poking me to tell me every time I said something that sounded like you.

Jeez, my hair must be really red, huh? The fact I had it all "up" with gel also has an effect. I wonder if he noticed my red tights (with the fishnet stripe down the side) too. Everybody loves those. Duany is probably like Caleb and looked at my outfit and thought "T6." (Insider planning joke.)
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It's nice having my sister here. Nancy and I have always gotten along, as she's much more like me than my other two sisters. Today we met up for breakfast and had a fun chat. Afterward she came over my place to borrow an umbrella and a jacket, both of which the absent-minded professor forgot. I also showed her some blouses I have that I'm going to give her since she needs them for work and I've had them about 4 years and have never worn them. What's more sisterly than sharing clothes?

Nancy is very upbeat right now. She's been at Bard College for around 3 years I think but unfortunately things didn't work out for her at that school so once again she's moving on. She landed a job at Oberlin College in Ohio and not only does the college look like it will suit her better, but she's found a beautiful house, a dream house type of place, which she never has been able to find (and afford). She still needs to sell her house in upstate New York but the prospect seem good for that, as it's the only mid-priced home in the market in that town right now, everything else being more upscale/pricey or cheap/shack-like. I think when she moves I'll go out and visit; she says the town is close to Cleveland and there are cheap Atlanta-Cleveland flights on AirTran, I bet.
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cracicotus and atomicdave have recently reminded me of the fact I have to get my driver's license renewed. The one I currently have has my correct address on it, so I must've had that updated in 2001, but the picture is 5 years old, which is the last time I had it renewed. I really wish I could get a new picture but I'm going to renew online (to avoid having to go to the ONE office in the city that does it) so I guess I'm stuck with the one that's on file. Ugly, ugly!

Meanwhile I pretty much haven't driven a car since 1996, which is 9 years now! The three times I've driven in that time period: 1) in 1998, drove a large UHaul truck from Atlanta to Decatur and back, when moving to my first apartment, 2) in probably 1999 drove Caleb's grandmother's car up a dirt road in Vermont at like 10 miles an hour, and 3) 2-3 years ago drove a rental pickup truck/SUV type thing through some forest south of Atlanta that Caleb's company was studying, also at 10 miles an hour. On both occasions 2 and 3, Caleb was scared because it seemed so odd for me to be driving. Neither of us can believe I achieved occasion 1, since it was a BIG truck. The only reason I was driving was that Caleb was in Vermont and we desperately wanted our stuff our of our friends' apartment.

Sometimes I kind of want to go rent a small car from one of the places downtown and drive it around, but I'm afraid I'll get squashed like a bug. I'd be OK driving around places like Inman Park and wherever else you can drive 25 mph, but big streets would freak me out, at least at first. I'd like to go drive around a large parking lot as a warm up maybe. And for parking, I'd park as far away from other cars as possible. No parallel parking either.
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Media calls

Just got a call from somebody asking if they could refer Creative Loafing to me as a resident of my buliding they can profile. I said sure! A couple of weeks ago Atlanta Business Chronicle wanted to profile me as part of a huge feature they were doing on Downtown, but I was going out of town, for Lunacon I think, and I couldn't get in touch with the reporter in time. It's been a while since I've done any interviews so this will be nice, even though it's CR and they will no doubt misreport my entire life or only give me one real quote and then make up the rest. Which reminds me... I really should go through my clip folder and put that stuff in a book. I'm sure I've been in the Atlanta paper about 20 times.
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Haven't posted this sort of this for a while but...

I'm bored.

Entertain me.

A few words even!

Bonus points if you make me laugh.


Gah. Been sending out form email all day telling people where to find their WebTrends web traffic reports. It's basically the same letter but with a few things changed and some highlighted data. Borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring!
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I'm scheduled for a haircut tomorrow. Boy, do I need it! It was looking nice even two weeks ago, and then it hit that magic length where it just looks lame. I can't spike it with gel anymore, so it's just basically a mop. I briefly flirted with the idea of doing a bob again

like my wig

but I know I vowed I wouldn't do it again. I've grown my hair into a bob twice and it *does* look very cute on me, but I just can't bear to look all girly ALL the time. It really messes with my head. I'd rather be butch in the head, no matter what clothes I have on. If I want long hair, I've got 4 wigs. I've even been thinking of getting a red (copper) one.


In other news, I'm still reallllly bored. Finished with the task of the day, though, after about 5 1/2 hours of work.
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