April 12th, 2005

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How talkative are you?

Poll #473069 Talking

Don't ask me what makes me want to know but... In RL, are you a

very quiet person
quiet person who talks with people you're comfortable around
person who's about average as far as talking
talkative, expansive, articulate
motormouth, talking to yourself, inanimate objects, in your sleep...

As I think most of you (esp. anybody who's met me in RL) can guess, I fall into category 5 ;)
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Conscience Clauses

Great editorial on "conscience clauses" (i.e. pharmacist refuses to fill precritpion, doctor refuses to OK contraception, etc.) from Ellen Goodman:

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It's funny, I was just telling malibran about this the other day.

I agree with Goodman on the slippery slope: "How much further do we want to expand the reach of the individual conscience? Does the person at the checkout counter have a right to refuse to sell condoms? Does the bus driver have a right to refuse to let off customers in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic?"

Also: If I ever go to get my BC prescription filled and the person refuses, they better have security on hand -- end since I'm not even taking it for contraception. Luckily I go to CVS and I'm pretty sure that company would NOT have conscience clauses.
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Blah blah blah

Huh. I must say my curiosity paid off. The results of my poll show me there are more quiet folks out there than I'd expected.

When I've asked my mom what my first word was, she's told me I didn't really have a first word, it was more like a first sentence or first paragraph, like "Mom, could I please have a glass of milk -- in the nice green cup, not the yellow one?" LOL
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